LED PL-L bulbs are long plug-in lamps and LED PL-C bulbs are cluster plug-in lamps, available in various forms of 2-pin or 4-pin bases. Led PLL tend to have a 2G11 base 4 pins in a row whilst the LED PL-C can either be 2-pin or 4-pin in either G24D or G24Q baseand are designed to retrofit compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs). 

The LED PL-L & LED PL-C bulbs provide over 60% energy savings and have a longer lamp life of up to 15 years so make them an eco-friendly sustainable lighting solution compared to the CFLs. These LED light bulbs are perfect for use in commercial fixtures, bulkheads, downlights, and retail units. 

Our range includes Philips LED PLL Lamps and Crompton LED PLL Lamps, come in various colour temperatures to provide an optimum light setting.

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