LED PL-C & PL-L Lamps

PLC & PLL 2 Pin / 4 Pin

LED PL-L bulbs are long plug-in lamps and LED PL-C bulbs are cluster plug-in lamps, available in various forms of 2-pin or 4-pin bases. Led PLL tend to have a 2G11 base 4 pins in a row whilst the LED PL-C can either be 2-pin or 4-pin in either G24D or G24Q base and are designed to retrofit compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs). 

These lamps use 60% lesss energy savings and last up to 5 times longer so make them an eco-friendly sustainable lighting solution compared to the CFLs. These LED light bulbs are perfect for use in commercial fixtures, bulkheads, downlights, and retail units.