Electrical Sockets

When it comes to installing electrical sockets for your home and business picking an accessory that is fit for purpose is of paramount importance. As well as wanting to match or enhance the current room’s style and décor they need to be able to provide a seamless solution to charging your portable electrical appliances.

You will want to pick an electrical accessory with a longer guarantee, at The LED Specialist we stock products from MLA Knightsbridge. They are market leaders in this field and their products come with a 5-year guarantee. We have matching dimmers and switches that will help when choosing your next wall sockets for your home or business.

What are The Best Electric Sockets available?

As mentioned earlier the MLA Knightsbridge Fastcharge Dual USB A+C Sockets are becoming ever so popular due to their practicality. Having 2 different USB ports the user can easily charge older USB-A devices and newer USB-C devices simultaneously without the need to change a plug. They come in a screwless round profile in a variety of finishes and will add a sophisticated decorative yet essentially practical element to any room.

MLA Knightsbridge 1 Gang Dual USB Charged Switched Socket also comes with 2 USB-A ports in a screwless round profile. They have a variety of finishes but can come with different colour inserts or even different finish rockers to really drive that decorative element. These have been especially popular in hospitality as guests can recharge a lot more devices at one time as they won’t necessarily be travelling with a lot of portable electrical appliances.

The MLA 2 Gang Dual USB Charger Switched Socket range is another very popular option as it comes with 2 USB-A ports. They come with interchangeable inserts and rocker switches.  When combined with dimmers and switches these can enhance any room’s décor with their round profile in a screwless or screwed face plate.

Contact us for Electrical Sockets

We stock the largest online range of electrical plug sockets in a variety of different finishes and have matching dimmers and switches to complement each other. We stock 1 & 2 Gang sockets from the market leader MLA Knightsbridge ready for next-day delivery offering free delivery on orders over £100. If you’re unsure of which fitting you need then please contact one of our LED lighting experts either through the website or by giving us a ring at 01189 507125.