Par & Reflector lamps are widely used in commercial, residential and transportation illumination, they produce a highly directional beam, are available with Small Edison Screw (E14) or Edison Screw (E27) bases. LED Reflector bulbs come in 4 sizes R39, R50, R63 and R80, the number after the R is the diameter of the bulb in millimetres, the PAR lamps come in 3 sizes PAR20, PAR 30 & PAR38 and they are 64mm, 95mm and 120mm in diameter respectively. 

LED Par & Reflector bulbs are highly energy efficient lighting solutions in some cases as much 90% energy saving compared to halogen lamps. A 1.4W LED R50 Reflector is replacing a 25W halogen bulb  and an 8W LED R80 Reflector is replacing 100W halogen bulbs, 1.8W LED R39 Reflector replaces a 30W halogen bulb and a 4.5W LED R63 replaces a 60W halogen bulb. 

We have a wide range of LED Par & Reflector lamps some of which are dimmable LED bulbs driving further energy savings, Osram LED Reflector Bulbs, Philips LED Reflector Bulbs and Segula LED Reflector Bulbs.

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