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Indoor Light Fittings from The LED Specialist

Illuminate the inside of your home with The LED Specialist’s wide and varied indoorfittings and fixtures from leading brands and manufacturers. Indoor light fittings are light fixtures that either come with integrated lighting or need a lamp and are used throughout the home.

They say a home starts in the kitchen and we believe getting the right kitchen lighting can set the mood for cooking, entertaining or friends and family get-togethers. We have a huge range of lighting that can help enhance the design of your kitchen.We can assist with your kitchen lighting ideas, starting from the top with kitchen ceiling lights, and kitchen wall lights then you can illuminate any dim areas with our range of kitchen cabinet lighting or kitchen under-cabinet lighting.

What areas do we Provide LED Lighting for?

Our range of kitchen ceiling lights includes kitchen spotlights and decorative pendants which can be used above a breakfast bar or as the room’s centrepiece. These products are available in a variety of colours and finishes to match the colour scheme or design you are looking for. We also have fire-rated downlights which are perfect for kitchen ceilings, pair these with LED spotlight bulbs such as LED GU10s or LED MR16 and you could get up to 90% energy saving compared to using conventional light bulbs like halogen or incandescent spots.

Cupboard lighting and under cabinet are ideal for lighting dark spots in your kitchen as this can add practicality or simply create the desired ambience. We stock mains wired, battery operated, and USB re-chargeable kitchen strip lighting, LED strip tape or LED plinth lighting to use in or under your kitchen cupboards.

From the kitchen, we move on to how we can enhance your living room, another area for spending quality family time or entertaining guests; this can be enhanced by quality lighting. The options are endless living room lighting, with fittings that can be mounted on ceilings or walls to match every style and budget. Living room wall lights are increasing in popularity as they are versatile, and when paired with energy-saving filament, LED light bulbs can add an even more decorative finish while reducing your household bills.

Bathroom lighting is also available in this range with practical and modern fixtures in a variety of styles to suit all tastes. Understanding the different zones in a bathroom is important when choosing your bathroom lighting, as certain lighting can only be used above the shower for example. if you’re unsure what you need speak to one of our lighting professionals today, they would be happy to assist and direct you to the correct IP rating for the different zones in the bathroom. We have LED bathroom mirrors that double up as bathroom cupboards with integrated shaver sockets and some with Bluetooth speakers.

We have a great range of LED indoor lighting fittings for your home, and apart from the areas mentioned already, we stock a great variety of hallway lighting and home office lighting. We stock the leading brands in LED lighting like Philips Lighting, Ledvance, Integral and Bell, amongst many others, to enhance your home lighting ideas.

What LED Indoor Light Fittings do we offer?

Being able to dim lights in your living room can create a cosy atmosphere. At the LED Specialist, we have a wide range of dimmer switches as well as standard light switches in a variety of finishes from gunmetal black, brushed copper, stainless steel plus many more. Our range of dimmers and switches can match any décor in your living room with up to five gangs controlling several light bulbs from one point in your living room. 

For seamless wireless control, Smart light bulbs are your best option as they can be controlled via an app on your mobile phone or tablet but even better can be voice-controlled using Alexa, Google Home, or Apple Home kit.

Smart LED light bulbs can be controlled even if you’re not at home, giving you complete autonomy on energy consumption. Dimmable and colour-changing smart light bulbs are ideal for allowing you to set a variety of moods and tones which enhance entertaining activities.

Another important room in our indoor light fittings category is bedroom lighting; our range allows you to create the optimum sanctuary with stunning bedroom ceiling lights, bedroom wall lights as well as bedside table lamps. We have stylish wardrobe-led lights that work with a motion sensor, so they will switch on when the wardrobe door is open and switch off when the door is closed. Use smart bulbs within your bedroom light fittings and get the same benefits talked about earlier in living room lighting.

Due to its flexibility and versatility Led strip lighting can just about be used anywhere in the home it’s popular in the kitchen but can be used as a tv backlight, used on window sills, under beds, on stairs and landings and on ceiling coving. We can provide you with LED strip tape in any colour cut to the exact size you want; speak with one of our LED experts to discuss your best options. 

Contact Us for your Indoor Light Fittings

Contact us today and get in touch with one of our LED experts to discuss how we can make all your complete home lighting ideas to light (forgive the pun), and we will provide you with a free energy-saving calculation to save you money off your electricity bills.