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What are The Benefits of LED Panels?

The LED Specialist stock a wide range of LED panel lights, these are the perfect energy-saving replacement for conventional fluorescent-style panel ceiling lights. LED lighting panels can save you as much as 85% off your energy bills and will last up to 25 times longer than their traditional equivalent, making them a more sustainable lighting solution for domestic, commercial, and industrial applications.

LED ceiling panel lights are available in a range of sizes with the most popular being the 600mm X 600mm LED panel, this is normally a direct replacement of a traditional panel using four 4 X 2-foot 18W fluorescent. The energy consumption of a 36W LED light panel is up to half that of a traditional panel and when you add in features such as dimming, you can drive even further savings.

What are the Best LED Panel Lights?

Although the 600 X 600 LED ceiling panel is the most popular in offices, retail, schools, and hospitals there are many other sizes available to replace 3-foot, 4-foot, 5-foot, and 6-foot fluorescent tubes. The LED replacement ceiling lights come in a combination of different lengths and widths depending on your suspended ceiling tile size; such as –

The LED Specialist also stocks some rare LED panel sizes from the Ledvance Planon Smart range in similar lengths but only 100mm bespoke width, making them ideal for both domestic and commercial applications. Smart LED panel lights allow you to wirelessly control your lighting using an app or by voice through Amazon Alexa, Google Home, or Apple Home Kit.

LED Panels are also a viable solution if you even have a conventional halogen downlight in a ceiling tile or a suspended ceiling, you will just remove the ceiling tile and replace it with the LED Panel. You can even go a step further and replace the panel with a LED Skylight panel such as those offered by Powerlite Fitzgerald.

When choosing LED panels for a working environment the glare rating is an important factor, our office-compliant LED panels have a Unified Glare Rating (UGR) of less than 19 meaning they don’t make it uncomfortable to stare at a screen for extended periods. Regardless of whether it is a Backlit LED panel or Edge-lit LED Panel having a light panel with reduced glare will not only help with productivity it can lead to health issues such as headaches and eye issues. Our UGR>19 LED Panels can either be surface mounted, recessed or suspended from the ceiling and have a long lamp of 55,000 hours, meaning they would outlast fluorescent fittings 25 times over.

Another important factor when choosing business lighting is an emergency lighting technology that allows the safe evacuation of building occupants in the case of emergencies. Emergency LED Panels work just like normal standard light panels but when power fails, they have a backup battery pack that works for 3 hours at reduced lumen (brightness) output allowing for evacuation and compliance with emergency lighting regulations. We can also supply emergency conversion kits to convert standard LED panels into emergency panels.

Apart from Smart LED panels and Emergency LED panels, we have dimmable LED panels that can drive even further energy saving by only using the required power to set the desired ambience. Motion sensor (corridor function) ready LED panels are also useful in driving down costs as they get switched on by a sensor when it detects movement and will be automatically switched when no movement is detected in a room after a certain period of time.

We have supplied led panels for education facilities, hospitality, offices, and retail industries as a direct replacement for fluorescent tubes and other conventional ceiling light fittings. LED panels give an instant light without flickering which has been proven to aid productivity in the workplace.

Speak to one of our LED professionals to discuss which LED panel is the right one for your domestic, commercial, or industrial premises. We can do a free energy-saving calculation to show you how much you could save today by switching over to energy-efficient LED panels