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If you are looking for a more stylish LED Lighting fixture, the extensive range of LED Tubular Lights we currently have on offer here at The LED Specialist is the ideal product for lighting up rooms in a more contemporary way. These lamps are more decorative in their design, coming in a range of different finishes, including the popular golden, titanium, frosted and clear finishes, all of which help illuminate the room in a unique colour and warmth.

These LED Lightbulbs are available in two different caps, these being the E14 Small Edison Screw and the E27 Edison Screw Caps. In addition to this, this style of LED lamp also has the option of being available as dimmable versions, meaning you can easily adjust the light levels specifically for your needs.

What are the Benefits of LED Tubular Bulbs?

One of the many benefits of LED Tubular Lamps and bulbs is the impressive and extensive lifespans these LED appliances offer. With a lifespan of up to 25,000 hours, these products are significantly longer lasting when compared to their more traditional incandescent alternatives. In the long term, the LED option will not be needed to be replaced anywhere near as often as the non-LED variations.

On top of their long bulb life, LED Tubular Lamps offer immense energy-saving capabilities, up to 90% over their counterparts. Simply put, this means you will still get the same levels or better light and brightness, just for dramatically lower energy output. Moreover, due to their lower energy output, these are more sustainable as well as being environmentally friendly, helping you to save money on bills, all whilst diminishing your carbon footprint.

Following on from their eco-friendliness, this is only re-affirmed when taking into consideration that the LED Variations do not contain any mercury; hence, the temperature the LED bulbs give off is astonishingly lower.

Finally, due to their smaller size and versatility, these LED Bulbs can be fitted in several various applications, most commonly in several commercial applications in which efficiency and high energy outputs are essential.

What are the Best LED Tubular Bulbs?

The LED Specialist currently stocks the Calex 4w Dimmable Filament LED Tube Lamp in a gold finish one of the most popular LED tubular Bulbs at the moment. With its 15,000-hour lifespan and energy savings of up to 90%, these can be retrofit replacements for the more traditional bulbs. In addition to this, this product also comes with dimming features, meaning you can adjust the light levels either up or down to get that desired ambience.

Another popular product currently at the LED Specialist that looks good switched on or off is the Osram Vintage 1906 LED Tubular Lamp. Similar to the Calex Filament LED Tube], this also has an impressive bulb life of up to 15,000 hours, and also is a much eco-friendlier choice when compared to incandescent bulbs due to its efficiency and energy-saving capabilities.

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