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Here at the LED Specialist, we stock several different LED Architectural Lamps which are reliable and effective replacements for any more traditional incandescent alternatives. Our range houses several different top-of-the-range brands, all of which offer various benefits, ranging from their energy efficiency to them being easy retrofit replacements. They are available in S14S and S14D caps, twin and single connection points respectively.

What are the Benefits of LED Architectural Lamps?

LED Architectural light bulbs are an ideal lamp should you be requiring an energy-efficient solution. With the ability to save up to 60% of energy, all whilst offering better levels of light and brightness at a significantly lower energy output.

In addition to their sustainability, these LED Lamps also offer impressive lifespans, with some of the top-of-the-range LED Architectural Lamps coming with up to a 25,000-hour lamp life.

Another benefit of LED Architectural Lamps is the option for these fixtures to be fitted with dimmers, giving the option for these to be adjusted to suit the application they are placed within and give off the desired levels of light.

These versatile LED solutions can be used in a range of different applications, most commonly in bathrooms and kitchens as well as other sterile industrial environments. These give off a professional aesthetic due to their long linear fixtures, all whilst offering the effectiveness of LED technologies.

What are the Best LED Architectural Lamps?

When it comes to LED Architectural Lamps, one of the most popular options is the Osram Dimmable 3.1W LED Linear S14s 300mm Warm White. This LED product is a retrofit replacement for a 27W fluorescent linear lamp, all whilst offering dramatically lamp life and huge energy savings.

Another non-dimmable option which can be used in a host of different appliances and applications, the Osram 4W LED S15 Strip Light 221mm is yet another long-lasting LED Architectural Lamp, offering up to a 15,000-hour lifespan. In addition, this option, amongst all the other solutions here at the LED specialist, is environmentally friendly due to these LED Lightbulbs not containing any mercury, hence boasting a lower lightbulb temperature, all of which helps to reduce your overall carbon footprint.

Contact us for LED Architectural Lamps

If you are needing any specific LED Architectural Lamps, contact us today to discuss any distinct products when it comes to addressing any precise lighting requirements and finding the right LED solution for you. With an expansive selection of Architectural LED Lamps available, each one of these offers significantly longer lifespans when compared to the fluorescent alternatives, as well as coming with unrivalled energy efficiency, meaning you can get better levels of brightness for just a fraction of the energy output, all whilst helping you save on those energy bills.