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  1. Andrew swan asks 12 Jan 2024

    Are the led lights shown on the listing the same as you would supply? I have two led lights that have gone faulty and I would like to replace with the same style.

    1. Andrew Mutepfa answers 22 Jan 2024

      All the products shown on our website are the exact product we would send out if you purchased it. If for some reason they weren't available we would only offer you an upgrade after consulting you first

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Slimline LED Battens from The LED Specialist.

Slimline LED Battens are a versatile and aesthetically pleasing alternative to old fluorescent lighting. They come in a variety of lengths ranging from 1 foot to 6 feet and are much easier to install as they don’t need extra electrical components like ballasts previously required in fluorescent tube light fittings. 

What are the benefits of Slimline LED Battens?

Also referred to as slimline LED linear fittings, they are not as bulky as their fluorescent counterparts. As a result, they are ideal for use in a variety of applications, including domestic, commercial, industrial, and educational facilities. They range in colour temperature from a warm white (3000K) to daylight (6500K) without producing extra heat, unlike conventional lighting, also making them an ideal LED lighting solution for food industries and temperature-controlled environments.

LED lighting uses a fraction of the energy that is used by fluorescent lighting and will last, in most cases, up to twenty times longer, making them a more sustainable, energy-efficient lighting solution. Slimline LED Battens have a Surface Mounted Diode (SMD LEDs), which uses even less energy than standard LED battens whilst giving a higher lumen output. This makes them produce an even better light output for less energy consumption saving you money on not only your energy bills but also maintenance costs as well.

What are the best Slimline LED Batten Products?

At The LED Specialist, we stock market-leading V-TAC slimline LED battens that come with a Samsung chip (SMD) and have a 5-year manufacturer warranty.  We have in stock:

  •       1 Foot Slim LED Battens
  •       2 Foot Slim LED Battens
  •       4 Foot Slim LED Battens
  •       5 Foot Slim LED Battens
  •       6 Foot Slim LED Battens

These retrofit replacements for fluorescent tubes are available in 4 colour temperatures:

  •       3000K V-TAC LED Battens (Warm White)
  •       4000K V-TAC LED Battens (Cool White)
  •       6400K V-TAC LED Battens (Cool Daylight)
  •       6500K V-TAC LED Battens (Daylight)

Daylight battens are typically used in locations such as kitchens, hallways and other areas that need greater visual clarity. Cooler White colour temperatures is ideal for Education lighting within classrooms as well as offices as they offer a cool white light with a reduced glare which helps in productivity and concentration. Whilst at the lower colour temperature scale 3000K is ideal for creating a cosier atmosphere in living areas that don’t require a stark white light.

Contact us for Slimline LED Batten Lights.

The LED Specialist has a great range of Slimline LED fittings with next-day and free delivery options available. Contact us today and speak to one of our LED experts to see how you can start saving on energy bills by switching over to one of these modern sustainable lighting solutions.