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  1. RABAH asks 11 Dec 2023

    Do you have bulb light megaman THO 106D 70MA 2800K 8Watt 220-240v 600/m 36°

    1. Andrew Mutepfa answers 12 Dec 2023


      I've been trying to work out what this bulb is without much luck on your Megaman bulb there should be a 6 digit number are you able to provide that? Also do you know what cap this bulb has, if it's GU10 or MR16 or has it got 2 or 4 pin connectors?

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  2. Paul Steel asks 21 Nov 2023

    Do you have a replacement for a PL-S 7w lamp in a Led lamp

    1. Andrew Mutepfa answers 22 Nov 2023

      Thank you for reaching out to us via the website with regards to the PL-S replacement. We didn’t have a 7W replacement for a PL-S CFL lamp previously but now have 2 options available on the website in warm and cool white.

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  3. George Adamson asks 20 Nov 2023

    Hello, I have just bought two Osram 4.5W (9W) EM LED S Dulux S Warm White 2 Pin G23 Fluorescent tube replacements from you. Is it OK to leave the ballast (electronic I think) in place, or would it be better to remove it. I did the same swap in the same style fitting a while back and left the ballast in and it has worked OK for over a year.

    George Adamson

    1. Andrew Mutepfa answers 20 Nov 2023

      Thank you for reaching out to us via the website. The beauty of these Osram CFL LED replacement bulbs is that you have 2 options available to install if you already have an EM (Electromagnetic) ballast. You could simply remove the old lamp and plug in the LED, and it will work fine. But now you can wire these directly to the mains and bypass the ballast. The benefit of the second method is that you can save a bit of energy as the ballast is no longer required. Secondly, the LED lamp will outlast the ballast so with the first method the ballast could fail before the lamp. Either way, you will be making huge energy savings by replacing your old CFL bulbs.

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Compact Fluorescent light bulbs were generally considered energy-saving alternatives to incandescent light bulbs, but LED technology has proved to be even more energy efficient. When replacing compact fluorescent with LED light bulbs the choices are now greater allowing for relatively simpler retrofit replacements. These LED Light bulbs are perfect for commercial fixtures, bulkheads, downlights, and retail units.

Provided the lamp cap base is the same you can replace CFLs with LED light bulbs by simply removing the old bulb and installing the new one. It is vital to match the same cap with the equivalent wattage as the fitting it goes into is manufactured to that specification. Too many times we see people trying to go for a lower wattage than the fixture is specified at, in the first instance it may not fit as the bases are very specific to the replacement wattages, or the lamp doesn’t work or eventually stops working.

The other great benefit of these LED replacement light bulbs for CFLs is the colour choices you have. You can opt for a cool white (4000K) for meeting rooms or areas focus and concentration is important, or you could choose a warm white (3000K) for creating a warmer ambience for relaxing.

Although different manufacturers have different names for each product providing the shape and base cap is the same but crucially the CFL wattage; then the LED replacement will work in that fitting.  At The LED Specialist, we have made it easier to recognise which bulb you need by putting the equivalent wattage in the product title.

Some of the traditional lamps are known either as Dulux lamps or Biax lamps; below are the different LED replacements, which are not suitable for use as emergency lighting, and they are also not dimmable.

What are the different types of CFL LED replacements Light Bulbs?

LED PL-L light bulbs are long plug-in lamps with a 2G11 base cap which is four pins in a row they are suitable for switch start or magnetic control gear.

LED PL-C light bulbs are cluster plug-in lamps and are available in a variety of 2-pin and 4-pin bases in either G24D or G24Q

LED PL-S light bulbs are linear replacements for use in Electro Magnetic or Mains control gear and have a G23 base cap

LED PL-D light bulbs are either 2-pin or 4-pin with either a G24D or G24Q base cap. These will generally replace BIAX-D, or BIAX-D/E, Lynx D, or Lynx D/E. The D bulb is a 2-pin, and the D/E is a 4-pin bulb.

LED PL-F light bulbs have a 4-pin 2G10 base cap, are direct replacements for incandescent Dulux-F light bulbs from Osram or Sylvania.

2D LED  light bulbs are available in either a 4-pin (GR10) or a 2-pin (GR8) base cap they are distinct in their shape resembling two D’s back to back hence the name 2D

LED Circular Tubes/Light Bulbs  are round T5 32W fluorescent replacements available in 4000k and 6500k these have a 4 pin G10q connection

What are the Benefits of CFL LED Replacement Light Bulbs?

LED light bulbs use a significantly lower amount of energy when compared to compact fluorescent light bulbs so will save you money on electricity bills. There is also no “warm up” time so the light output of an LED is instantaneous from the money you flick the switch it will light up within milliseconds.

LED lighting has a much longer lamp life and will outlast CFLs 20 times over the course of their lifetime.

Compared to compact fluorescent light bulbs, LEDs are more durable and robust and can be used in many applications.

What are the Best CFL replacement light bulbs?

The GE 12.5W LED 2D Bulb with a 4-pin base in a cool white 4000K colour temperature is an energy-efficient alternative for a 28W compact fluorescent light bulb. Having a 40,000-hour lamp life it will last 40 times the lifetime of a traditional CFL. Just think of the time that will save just from changing it, let alone the energy savings too!

The Philips CorePro 16.5W LED PL-L lamp has a 4-pin 2G11 base cap and is the ideal up-lamping solution for downlights and luminaires. It is available either in warm white 3000k colour temperature or cool white 4000K with an impressive 2000 lumen output.

The Osram PL-D light bulb range will replace traditional compact fluorescent bulbs such as Dulux D or Biax D lamps and offers huge energy savings without the harmful mercury vapour found in CFLs. These are more sustainable lighting solutions, with lower energy consumption and longer lamp life.

Contact us for CFL LED Replacement Light Bulbs

The LED Specialist is the UK’s largest stockist of Philips and Osram CFL replacements and we can offer huge discounts for bulk orders for next-day delivery. Give us a call on 01189 507125 we can discuss any individual lighting requirements you have, as well as provide you with a no-obligation energy-saving quote.