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LED Batten Lights from The LED Specialist

LED Batten light fittings are versatile lighting solutions to replace compact fluorescent tubes and are available in a variety of lengths from 1 foot up to 6 feet. They are a more robust, durable and energy-efficient alternative to fluorescent light tubes.

What Applications can LED Batten Lights be used for?

They are ideal for industrial applications like warehouses, garages, workshops, storage facilities and manufacturing industries but equally provide similar benefits to other industries such as retail, hospitality, and offices. Schools, colleges, and universities are also starting to see the benefits of switching over to LED Battens from compact fluorescent lighting or other incandescent lighting as these LED battens are more robust and are more withstanding the frivolities associated with such establishments.

In places such as schools and colleges where occupants can’t always be trusted to switch off lights, using the LED battens with motion sensor (industry term: corridor function) technology provides even more cost savings. Motion sensor LED battens will switch on when someone enters the room and will turn off after a certain period of no activity, driving even further energy savings.

Emergency LED batten lights are also popular in industrial, commercial, and retail applications as they work in two ways providing required illumination where needed but also acting as an open area emergency luminaire in emergencies. The LED emergency lights are compliant with regulations as they have a battery pack that will continue to operate the light fitting at about 10% original light output, thus allowing the safe evacuation of building occupants. 

What are the best LED Batten Lights?

The high-performance Ansell Topline Evo single LED batten range is extremely popular as it replaces twin fitting but can still produce the same light output by having a selectable wattage option. With the flick of a switch on the driver, you can choose between 3 wattages as well as three colour temperature options. This range comes in 3 lengths, 4 foot, 5 foot and 6 foot and selectable CCT between 3000K, 4000K and 5700K.

These high-performing, multi-wattage LED batten lights are suitable for industrial and multi-purpose applications and are available with other technology such as DALI dimming, OCTO smart control, corridor function and microwave sensor. 

The V-TAC slim-line LED battens are a very attractive solution for either domestic or commercial use as it’s not as bulky looking as some of the other industrial battens. They are a very practical retrofit replacement for fluorescent lighting, running off mains voltage and relatively easy to install. Unlike other LED battens, these are available in 1-foot battens but also available up to 6 feet in three colours temperatures, providing a cost-effective energy solution. They also include the Wago quick-fit connections, which is a rarity!

For extreme temperature environments, our Barracuda range is perfect for extremely cold applications like cold storage, industrial fridges or cold rooms and can be operated in temperatures as low as -40°C. The Barracuda Extreme High temperature LED batten can operate in temperatures up to 55°C making it ideal for use in industrial furnaces, ovens, saunas and other high-temperature industries.

The Bell Dura range is another versatile option which comes in either single or double LED battens with a variety of functions such as emergency, sensor and corridor dim functions. It is an IP65-rated non-corrosive led batten and can be used in external applications as well as indoors and is very easy to install with stainless steel clips and suspension brackets.

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