LED Lighting in Education

LED lighting applications education facilities



Lighting in schools, colleges and universities is proven to improve concentration and performance in both pupils and teachers. Poor quality lighting including fluorescent battens and tubes are known for their constant flickering and resulting in lamp failure. Fluorescent lights contain harmful mercury gases, cause migraines, and produce a Yellow/Orange tinge that does not aid student productivity.

Compact fluorescents (CFLs) and fluorescent tube have a typical lamp life of 10,000 hours but this can reduced to as much as half of that due to constant switching on and off, most LED fittings have an average lamp life of 25,000 hours but can be much higher in new LED's between 50,000 and 100,000 hours.


Brightly lit LED classrooms are the way forward. With our range of school approved LED lighting fixtures and fittings from the market leading brands, our lights do not strobe, glare, or flicker, and the bright white output provides students and teachers with the correct lighting levels needed in the classroom to optimise learning. Additionally, school budgets can be dramatically reduced as the energy use is much less and maintenance overheads are nearly non-existent.


LED lighting is the highest trending energy saving measure within UK schools right now because it delivers the savings you seek up to 90% and the savings are instant totalling thousands of pounds a year in an average primary school. Most LED fittings we supply in schools come with motion sensors that drive further energy savings as students can't always be relied to switch off lights, sensors will turn off the light when room is empty and switch on when someone enters the room or hallway.



A popular choice amongst schools is the Ansell Topline EVO LED Batten which replaces common fluorescent battens,  fluorescent tube fixtures. The Topline EVO LED batten comes in 3 lengths 4 foot, 5 foot & 6 foot is suitable for classrooms, hallways, libraries, ICT suites, assembly rooms. It comes with 3 adjustable colour temperatures 3000/4000/5700K and selectable power output by flicking a switch on the driver .


With a high efficiency and bright output of up to 140Lm/W, the Topline EVO is a sleek and stylish, glare-free LED Batten. With incredible energy savings of up to 80% when replacing fluorescent twin fittings and eliminates maintenance overheads by up to 95%. Emergency, dimmable, Sensor and Corridor Function options available.

Find out more about these options here, or just get in touch with one of LED experts to discuss the best LED lighting solution for you.

LED batten lighting



School sports halls can be given a new lease of light with energy efficient Philips Coreline High Bay, an IP65 rated luminaire which can be installed from 6 metres. Featuring a super bright light output of 145Lm/W, the Coreline High Bay can reduce the amount of existing metal halide and sodium high bays currently installed whilst producing a higher lumen output. With energy savings of up to 70%, it is the perfect choice when replacing existing lighting in sport auditoriums. Narrow Beam and Wide Beam dimmable options available.


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School exteriors, including classroom exteriors, play areas, car park and pathways should be illuminated for pupils, teachers, and parents to ensure safety around the school. The visibility needs to be clear so that teachers who start work early can walk safely and easily into school, especially in the colder months when the clocks go back, and the daylight hours are shorter.


The school also needs to be illuminated in the evenings too – for example, parents’ evenings, after school clubs and other activities whether inside or outside, need to be lit to ensure safety within the school. The Ansell LED CCT Wallpack range provides exterior walls with a robust yet aesthetically pleasing option. These highly energy efficient LED Floodlights still deliver up to 91Lm/W and replace metal halide, halogen, and sodium floodlights from 50W to 250W.


IP65 rated, the Floodlights are waterproof and dustproof, can withstand harsh winter conditions and can be positioned into place to throw light onto walls, ceilings, and the ground. Ideal for lighting up large areas left in the dark. These are available with Sensor and Photocell options. 



The Ansell Disco 2D Interior LED Bulkhead is ideal for illuminating communal areas, including receptions, corridors, hallways, stairwells, and staff rooms., replacing standard 28W and 38W traditional 2D luminaires and is protected from all weather conditions by its IP65 rating. It’s slim modern design with a polycarbonate construction and an opal diffuser is suitable for surface and semi-recessed mounting into ceilings and onto walls. Dimmable, Sensor and Emergency Backup options available. Learn more about the 2D replacements range here