LED Lighting for Industrial Bakeries

In high temperature industries it is imperative to have the correct lighting as it needs to be able to withstand the extreme environment and be durable to avoid constantly replacing your lighting due to failures.


As conventional lighting such as halogen or incandescent light bulbs already produce heat when in operation, LED lighting with little or no heat produced makes it the ideal lighting solution for use in these high temperature industries.


LED lighting uses significantly lower energy compared to conventional lighting in some cases up to 90% less and with a much longer lamp life make them a more sustainable option with huge energy savings with a short payback period.


Although LED lighting is ideal for use in high temperatures in extreme environments, we recommend using either the Barracuda Xtreme High Temperature Non-corrosive LED Batten or the Sirius High Temperature High/Low Bay LED. Both these products can withstand high temperature operating areas of up to 65°C.

Excess heat is the enemy of all LED products, rapidly shortening the life of the product as well at the brightness of the luminaire. The Novah Sirius High Temperature high/low bay luminaire is designed to combat this problem and can operate in temperatures of up to 65°C for longer than standard high/low bays while still maintaining a 150lm/W output. The housing design reduces the ability for dust to accumulate,

reducing additional heat build-up and is produced in cold forged Aluminium, the highest purity material, to optimise thermal management. The Sirius is powered using a specialist industrial driver which combined with high performance grade LED chips, keeps the luminaire shining brighter for longer - even in the harshest working environments.

The 65W Barracuda Xtreme High Temperature Non-Corrosive is ideal for harsh industrial environments. With 8450 lumen output and IP66 ingress protection and our advanced thermal management design the Barracuda allows for use in temperatures up to 55°C while still offering a 3 year warranty. The fitting is made up of a stainless steel rear housing and a polycarbonate diffuser for even light distribution.

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