LED Spotlights

LED spotlight bulbs are a great energy-efficient alternative to the common halogen or incandescent lighting fixtures you can expect to find in a range of different industries and sectors. One of the main aspects when it comes to LED Spotlight Bulbs is that they can offer a cost saving of up to 90%, all whilst coming in a variety of bases, the most popular of these being GU10, MR16 (GU5.3), AR111 and MR11 (GU4).

The LED PAR spots tend to come in Edison as well as Small Edison Screw Caps, with these coming in three different sizes PAR20, PAR30 & PAR38. Should you be confused with these terms, simply put, this refers to the diameter of the light bulb, which is represented by the number attached to the PAR. In addition to this, LED spots are also commonly referred to as LED reflectors, with these products generally being used when it comes to accent lighting.

LED spots are particularly popular for their use in track lighting and ceiling downlights which are fixtures in domestic settings such as kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms, amongst many others. These LED Spotlights are also prominent in commercial lighting industries, being particularly frequent in the museum, art gallery and exhibition sectors as they bring focus on objects or any art that is being displayed.

What are the Benefits of Switching to LED Spotlight Bulbs? 

  • LED spotlight bulbs and LED reflector spots use a significantly lower amount of energy in comparison to traditional halogen or incandescent lighting. A typical 3.5-watt GU10 light bulb will be a direct retrofit replacement for a 35-watt halogen giving you an instant energy saving of 90%, giving you the same light levels for just a fraction of the energy usage.
  • A halogen spotlight bulb has an average lamp life of around 1000 hours. However, when comparing that to the Philips LED Master range, this trumps the more traditional bulbs offering a 40,000-hour lifespan. This means you will need to replace the halogen lamp 40 times over in a singular span of the LED spotlight bulb’s lifetime. Whatever initial difference in purchase cost will quickly become insignificant as a result of the increased maintenance costs from the frequently failing halogen spots.
  • Due to its sustainability, LED Lighting is a more environmentally friendly lighting solution compared to incandescent or halogens, which can often contain hazardous gases. As they also use less energy, they can reduce a business’s carbon footprint significantly, which is only aided by the energy efficiency of these LED bulbs.
  • LED technology offers a wider choice in colour temperature when compared to halogen or fluorescent bulbs which tend to be a warmer white with a yellow tint. LED colour temperatures range from 2200K, which gives off a warm white, to 6500K which gives off a more natural daylight glow. Consequently, this means that choosing the right bulb for different rooms and settings is now even easier.
  • Dimmable LED spotlight bulbs are another solution which can help drive energy consumption even further down due to the ability to select a light level ideal for you which could result in less energy being output.

What are The Best LED Spotlight Bulbs? 

  • Our best-selling LED spotlight bulb is the Philips Master LED Expert Colour Spot range which comes in GU10, MR16 and AR111 bases. These lamps have a colour rendering index of 97 which means they will display objects as close to their natural colour as possible. In addition to all of this, they also offer a long lamp life of 40,000 hours, meaning they are a “fit and forget” lighting solution.
  • Moving onto the Philips CorePro LED spot range, these LED bulbs offer high-quality technical specifications synonymous with the Philips lighting brand. These LED Lights are a more affordable LED spotlight option; however, they will still give you a lamp life of 15,000 hours combined with the bonus of huge energy savings.
  •  If looking for an LED Spotlight Bulb with similar qualities, the Ledvance Parathom Pro range offers a host of similar advantages as the Philips collection, providing up to 85% energy saving as well as a huge lamp life of 40,000 hours.

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