Solar Lights

Outdoor LED lighting has become increasingly popular due to being energy efficient and long-lasting. combine that with solar power and the benefits are even greater. Initially, solar-powered lighting was limited to stake or spike lights with a low lumen output, but the technology has improved significantly over the years. Solar lighting for the garden is a contemporary and renewable solution to enjoying your outdoor living spaces.

As well as more powerful and brighter Solar spike and stake lights, the range now includes bollards, security lighting, floodlights, and outdoor wall lights. The innovation has also extended to include either PIR or motion sensors in the solar outdoor range.

Take advantage of the power of the sun and keep outdoor spaces safe and secure in a modern stylish all the while keeping your energy bills from spiralling out of control. From solar wall lights and solar lanterns to fairy solar lights, there are numerous options for incorporating outdoor solar lighting into your existing décor.

What are the Benefits of Using Solar Powered LED Lighting?

Solar LED lights will usually not need electricity, so no wiring is needed and very easy to install. You can have light in areas of your garden you never thought possible.

Solar is free energy and is a clean and renewable power source. With rising energy costs this is an investment that will pay for itself many times over. It is also more environmentally friendly than electricity and will reduce your carbon footprint significantly.

These lights now come in a range of beautiful designs and will suit most people’s tastes, so you can be assured that there will be a solar light for your garden or your outdoor living areas.

Solar lights require very little maintenance, once installed you can enjoy and benefit from these light fittings without having too much to do. Occasionally in the winter months, you might have to clean the solar panel lens just to make sure no debris is obstructing the recharging process.

What are The Different Types of Solar Powered Lights?

Solar-Powered LED Bollards are typically used to light up pathways, and driveways in the home but are also used for pedestrian safety on a commercial scale. They are popular to accent features in the garden and outdoor spaces without any light pollution as they don’t emit any upward light.

Solar Wall Lights have many uses including decorative feature lighting, outdoor mood lighting but also security lighting. Having the flexibility to install a wall light without worrying about a power supply is one of the main reasons people are opting for the solar-powered version. Our range of outdoor wall lights also includes PIR wall lights which only turn on when movement is detected and don’t have to be on all night if you do not need them to be.

Solar Powered String Lights are very popular throughout the year as they need little sunshine to charge and will give off a decorative feel to any outdoor space. Sometimes referred to as either Solar Fairy Lights or Solar Festoons they have a multitude of uses, found in the hospitality industry as pub garden lighting. In the domestic set-up, they are great for mood lighting when entertaining outdoors.

Solar Powered Security Lighting is a cost-effective method of keeping your home safe and deterring intruders at night. These can come in all types of different light fittings but the most common being the led solar floodlights. They will either have the solar panel attached directly to the light fitting or have the solar panel attached to the fitting with a cable. The second option gives you more flexibility as you can have the flood light installed in a place that might not get much sunlight but position the solar on the roof for example for maximum sun exposure. As mentioned earlier, the advancement in technology now allows you to choose an option with a PIR sensor. The motion sensor will turn the light on upon detection of movement, this is especially useful for those that do not want the flood light on all through the night.

Decorative Solar Lighting will enhance your outdoor living spaces whilst at the same time driving down energy consumption. Decorative lighting apart from its aesthetic qualities can also be used as feature lighting to enhance a particular area of your garden, patio, or porch.  The Noma Colour Changing Solar Powered Mesh Stake lights come in a pack of four and will suit most garden styles as they can be used in flower beds, driveways, paths, around ponds just about anywhere you choose.

LED Solar Powered Spot Lights can be used all throughout the garden to bring light to areas that might not have got light before, giving you full use or a view of your garden at night. These are usually stake or spike lights that come with an integrated LED spot. Their Solar panel is usually positioned on the top of the fitting where it’s exposed to the sun.

What are The Best Solar Powered LED lights?

The Lutec Curtis Solar PIR Integrated LED Outdoor Light has a beautiful design with an opal diffuser and a square aluminium frame. The integrated PIR motion sensor will capture all movement and assures a powerful warm white light when somebody is passing throughout the night. It has a detection range of 12 metres and 120 degrees with a lumen output of 300 lumens.

The Kosnic Mushroom Portable Table Light comes in white or black with a 5-year warranty and can be used indoors and outdoors. It comes with a dusk till-dawn sensor with up to 12 hours of operation. It also comes with a USB port should you wish to give it more charge and will produce 440 lumens.

The Status Adelaide White LED Solar String Lights will enhance the aesthetics of any garden coming in a 20-metre reel. They have 200 individual LEDs and come with a built-in solar power 1000Ah-Mh battery. It has 2 lighting modes static or flashing to suit the ambience you’re after whether relaxing outdoors or entertaining in your outdoor living space.

Are Solar-Powered Lights Any Good in the British Winter?

One of the most frequent questions we are asked is “Will solar lights charge in UK winter conditions?”. Fortunately, the answer is that solar-powered lights mostly come with rechargeable lithium batteries, these recharge in daylight.

One of the biggest factors in having your solar lights continue to work effectively during the winter is positioning. Make sure your solar panel where it is situated on the light fitting is exposed to the sun even on a cloudy day it can still harness the sun’s energy from UV rays.

Second, you might have to clean the panel slightly more in the winter to keep it clear of dirt and debris which can interfere with harvesting the sun’s energy. Falling winter leaves, splash back from muddy rainwater or even snow can completely cover the solar panel lens, therefore, restricting its ability to recharge the batteries during daylight hours

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