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The LED Specialist's range of LED outdoor wall lights is a great way to add an extra layer of security to your home, help illuminate your garden and make your garden safer for people leaving and entering at night. Our range of LED outdoor wall lights are IP65 and IP54 rated meaning they are weatherproof and will last many years.

Options are also available that include PIR motion sensors and dusk till dawn sensors. The PIR sensors are great for further energy savings as the light will not stay on all night but rather for a short period when movement is detected. The dusk till dawn are great for security as they will automatically switch when the light falls which is handy if you are away from home at the time.

What are the Best Outdoor Wall Lights?

The Philips Creek Outdoor Wall Lantern with PIR comes in either a black or a white finish. It has a vintage elegant look creating a charming focal point for your entrance. The PIR motion sensor ensures you walk safely into and out of your home at night. It has an Edison Screw base and if used with an LED GLS/A60 light bulb will drive even further energy savings.

If you’re looking for a more contemporary look then the Lutec Leo Integrated LED Outdoor Wall Light is for you. In a dark grey finish, this modern outdoor wall light will enhance your outdoor living spaces. It comes with an impressive 5-year warranty and is weatherproof and made from heavy-duty aluminium.

The Integral LED Outdoor Curve Wall light has a stylish and contemporary design and comes with or without a PIR sensor. It is available in either 3000K (Warm white) or 4000K (Cool White) in a die-cast aluminium body with powder coated finish.

With the Lutec Qubo Wiz Connected Smart LED Outdoor Wall Light, you can create s stunning atmosphere while making an architectural statement. It works wirelessly using an app or voice control using Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. You can choose any colour you want as well as tunable white colours ranging from 2700K to 6500K.

When it comes to cost-cutting, solar lights provide a massive return on investment, the Firstlight Cyrus LED Solar Wall Light with PIR Sensor is a good example. It doesn’t need any wiring so can be installed anywhere you desire. It has a PIR motion sensor with a 6-metre detection range.

What are the Benefits of LED Outdoor Wall Lights

  • Versatile Designs: Choose from a variety of versatile designs that seamlessly integrate into any outdoor setting, whether it's a modern patio, a classic garden, or a contemporary façade. LED technology has improved greatly over the years so you will benefit from energy efficiency but also the designs of outdoor LED lighting have progressed as well. So you can be assured that you will find the right shape and size of outdoor wall light you are after for your outdoor spaces.

  • Energy-Efficient LED Technology: Our outdoor wall lights feature advanced LED technology, providing energy-efficient illumination that not only brightens your surroundings but also helps reduce energy consumption. Using LED light bulbs in your outdoor fittings will save on energy costs as they use significantly less energy compared to traditional light bulbs. The ones that come with an integrated LED also have the same energy efficiency.

  • Durable and Weather-Resistant: Built to withstand the elements, our outdoor lights are crafted with durable materials and are weather-resistant, ensuring longevity and reliability even in challenging outdoor conditions. LEDs are more durable and robust and when used in a suitable weatherproof fitting will also save you money on maintenance. They last up to 50 times longer than traditional incandescent or halogen bulbs.

  • Enhanced Security: Illuminate pathways, entryways, and dark corners to enhance the security of your property. Our outdoor wall lights contribute to a safer environment around your home or business.

When you use LED Solar powered lights, they are easy to set up and install. Our range of solar lighting doesn’t need any wiring so you can install them just about anywhere outside where they can be exposed to sunlight. Those dark corners in your garden can now be illuminated without worrying about getting an electrician to install an electric power source there.

Outdoor Wall Lights at The LED Specialist

Get in touch with one of our team at The LED Specialist to find out more about the best garden wall lights.

We have a vast range of LED lighting for your garden either solar-powered to save on energy costs or smart lighting to create a stunning alfresco ambience.