Philips LED Light Bulbs

Philips Energy Efficient LED Light Bulbs

LED lighting has many benefits, including being far more energy efficient than regular lighting. LED bulbs consume around 90% less power than traditional bulbs, so it is not surprising that so many people are choosing this option to light their homes or business premises. Philips is a well-known name in the world of electronics and lighting, and we have a broad range of LED Lighting options from this trusted brand.

At the LED Specialist, you can choose from tube lighting, downlights, panel lighting, and capsule lights to best suit your requirements. All of the Philips LED lighting products we stock are available in cool white, warm white, and daylight to help create a warm, cosy atmosphere in your home or business.

Philips is the pioneer and market leader in LED lighting technology. Although the company trades as Signify, most of its lighting products are still branded with the iconic Philips logo. Philips are some of the leading minds when it comes to lighting innovation, and they are right at the forefront of the industry's expansion into sustainable lighting solutions.

Philips were the first to offer the new classification of the A-rated Ultra Efficient LED light bulbs, which were a direct predecessor of the energy-efficient Dubai lamp. With energy costs ever increasing, Philips has continued to be ahead of other competitors and subsequently produced the UK's most energy-efficient light bulbs at 210 lumens per watt.

Philips LED lighting products are suitable for both domestic and commercial applications. These lamps and luminaires come with a long warranty, and you can rest assured of the quality of the product you're purchasing. The LED Specialist is the biggest UK stockist of Philips Professional Lighting and is also the number one reseller.

Why would you choose Philips Lighting? 

Philips LED Lighting products are of the highest quality and are produced using innovative technology. Philips products are tested up to and beyond industry regulations to produce a safe, reliable, and highly efficient lighting solution.

Philips LED luminaires and Philips LED bulbs come with an extended warranty period ranging from 2 years to 5 years, depending on the product. Their TrueForce public urban and road lamps have an impressive 8-year warranty period.

Philips are passionate about sustainability and very serious about its environmental impact. Therefore, they are continuously producing products with significantly lower carbon footprints when compared to other leading brands. As a result of this, Signify has recently received the accolade of the best industry score in a global sustainability assessment.

Read more about Philips' Corporate Sustainability Score. 

Philips has invested heavily in using recycled materials in their products without losing the high quality that is synonymous with its brand. Purchasing Philips LED lighting products will reduce energy consumption and, consequently, lower electricity bills.

Philips lighting products have a longer lamp life when compared to other LED manufacturers in the market and are the ideal replacements for incandescent and halogen lighting. A standard LED light bulb has around 15,000 hours of lamp life, but high-end products can have as much as 80,000 hours. This long lamp life makes them a fit-and-forget lighting solution, as you will never need to change them as frequently as traditional light bulbs and fittings.

What are the Best Philips LED Lighting Products available?

The Philips Ultra-Efficient LED Lighting range offers huge unrivalled energy savings. Although a relatively new product, it has proved to be a very popular and timely introduction when energy costs have been soaring. This range currently includes products such as the Ultra-Efficient LED GLS Bulbs, LED Candle Light Bulbs and GU10 spots, with more products to be introduced later. These A-rated light bulbs have an impressive 50,000-hour lamp life and will last up to 50 years with average use.

The Philips Master LED range has a highly respectable 25,000-hour lamp life, and most products come with a 5-year manufacturer's warranty. This range includes a variety of LED Bulbs, including Philips GLS Bulbs, candles, and spots but also includes LED tubes with an impressive 100,000-hour lamp life. One of the biggest benefits when it comes to the Philips Master LED range is that these products are suitable as retrofit replacements for incandescent, halogen and compact fluorescent lighting without the need for re-wiring fixtures in most cases. They come in similar base caps to traditional bulbs such as Bayonet Cap and Edison Screw caps, and you simply unscrew the old bulb and put in the high energy-efficient LED in its place. They have the DimTone feature, also known as WarmGlow, which is an ambient dimming effect that sets a warmer tone as the light dims.

The Philips ExpertColour Range has the highest Colour Rendering Index available in any LED lamp with a CRI of 97. As a result of this technology, it displays objects in the truest form. The ExpertColor range is available in LED AR111, GU10 and MR16 spots and has a lamp of 40,000 hours. These dimmable spotlights can drive even further energy saving as they will use less power when dimmed down. They are ideal for accent lighting, making them a perfect solution for retail displays, exhibitions, museums and art galleries.

The Philips Master Value has the same high qualities offered in the Master LED, although it only has a 15,000-hour lamp life. However, these products have a higher colour rendering index of 90 (CRI90). This means that the light source is as close to natural as possible. The higher the colour rendering index, the more natural objects displayed will appear without light distortion. This extensive range includes fittings like the LED Batten as well as a variety of LED light bulbs and LED spots in all the base caps.

The Philips CorePro range is an affordable LED lighting solution, offering the same high-quality specifications associated with a brand like Philips at a more competitive price. The CorePro still offers a highly respectable 15,000-hour lamp life with the same energy savings as the other LED light bulbs. When it comes to replacing traditional lighting, such as incandescent, halogen or fluorescent lighting, they offer a very short payback period due to the lower energy consumption.

The Philips CoreLine Range and Philips Ledinaire Ranges are ideal for industrial and commercial applications as they are durable and robust and will also operate in the most extreme environments. This range includes Philips LED Floodlights, Philips LED Panel Lights and Philips LED Batten Lights, all of which are extremely popular in offices, classrooms, and commercial buildings. They are a direct replacement for fluorescent tube lighting and will use significantly less energy whilst producing better light which will aid in productivity in the workplace.

The Philips TrueForce Range has recently become popular, with borough and city councils switching their street and road lighting to LED lighting. The TrueForce Road LED Lamps are energy-efficient replacements for High-Intensity Discharge (HID) and Sodium (SON) lamps. This range will fit into most fixtures, therefore, will not need to replace the whole street or road fitting. These are good for urban street lighting as they offer a brighter white light compared to HID or SON lamps with a yellowish tint. LEDs have been proven to offer more security in remote areas at night as they don't produce huge shadows, unlike their traditional counterparts.

Philips offer a huge array of LED lighting suitable for a whole load of applications suited but not limited to:

  • Domestic Lighting: will lower your energy bills at home
  • Retail lighting: LED lighting can display products in their truest form, making them more attractive to the customer
  • Warehousing & Storage Lighting: robust, non-corrosive fittings that will also lower maintenance costs
  • Hospitality Lighting: decorative lighting to create cosy warm atmospheres

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