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When it comes to indoor lighting ideas The LED Specialist team have every room in your home covered. We have a huge stock of products from the leading brands but what sets us apart is that this is supported by our in-house lighting design experts who regularly advise on lighting projects no matter the size. We have years of experience helping our customers get the desired ambience whilst at the same time reducing their energy bills by using energy-efficient LED Lighting; bespoke adapted to suit their style preferences.

Smart lighting is increasing in popularity in the home as it seamlessly integrates into most Smart Home systems. You get the added benefit of controlling your lights wirelessly by voice using Amazon Alexa, Apple Hey Siri or Google Assistant. For those without a Smart speaker, you can use an app even when you’re not at home allowing for more autonomy.

The Best LED Lighting by Room

Kitchen Lighting

With many of your home rooms, there is a wide option of different lighting for each application. Your kitchen is no different, where options include ceiling lighting for main illumination, counter lighting for practicality, under cabinet lighting or plinth lighting for more decorative purposes as well as in cabinet lighting for illumination of crockery or even food storage.

The LED Specialist insight:

LED Strip or Tape technology has evolved hugely in the last 3 years with colour options now widely available as well as aesthetical enhancements of the spotless strip. Recently the improvement has been made focusing on the installation so it can be cut and joined without the need for soldering. It is a superb product to run hidden under your top-level cabinets to illuminate your countertop for a great look but also for functionality too.

Living Room Lighting

View our whole living room lighting range online including Living room ceiling lights and living room wall lights that will enhance any room’s decor and style.

The LED Specialist insight:

We recommend using Smart Lighting in your living room due to the benefits mentioned earlier. You can choose from a range of decorative smart lights to using LED tape to create the desired ambience in your living room.

Bathroom Lighting

When it comes to bathroom lighting design, it’s very important to understand the different lighting zones in the bathroom each coming with its IP-rated recommendation. IP67-rated lighting is recommended when the light is to be submerged under water like in a bath or shower room. IP65-rated are recommended for areas that are subject to water jets and exposed to the odd splash like above a basin. IP44-rated are for areas exposed to moisture, speak with one of our LED experts to get the right light fitting for your bathroom.

The LED Specialist insight:

We have the widest range of IP65-rated downlights which are suitable for your bathroom as they are protected against water jets and moisture. The Integral Evofire downlights are also fire-rated and come in 6 premium finishes to suit all tastes.

Bedroom Lighting

Lighting plays an important role when trying to create your ideal relaxation area. Dimmable LED Light bulbs are great for creating a cosy ambience when you want to relax at the end of the day. Our bedroom lighting range includes matching wall, ceiling, and bedside lamps.

The LED Specialist insight:

Our experts are there to assist with any dimming issues you may currently have; and can recommend the correct products to solve them. We stock a wide range of switches, dimmers and also sockets available in many finishes to match the room.

Hallway Lighting

Using indoor motion sensor lights in the hallway is a cost-effective way of illuminating an area of the house that doesn’t need lights to be on the whole time. These motion sensor lights will only switch on when movement is detected saving you money on energy costs. They can be used on stairs and landings to provide safety in the home, the battery-operated sensor lights are ideal where there is no power to that part of the room.

The LED Specialist insight:

With a hallway being narrower it's worth considering a narrower beam of light to match, this means the focus of the light stays on the walkway and less going to the walls, however, if you desire that effect then stick with the wider beams.

Home Office Lighting

Covid sped up the evolution of remote working and many businesses have adapted their operations to enable their staff to benefit from this. Whether full-time or a few days a week it’s very important to have the right lighting to aid productivity and assist with maintaining attention and focus levels.

The LED Specialist insight:

The newSUN@HOME lighting range from Ledvance can be both relaxing and aid productivity at the same time. These light bulbs are ideal for users who want to improve their quality of life and increase performance when working from home or unwinding after a long day. You can use these Smart lamps with your existing desk lamps or other light fittings with the added benefit of being able to control them from an app to simulate daylight.

Garage Lighting

Households are getting more use out of their garages, and they are no longer solely for parking vehicles or extra storage. Having the right kind of light in the garage makes it easier to get the most use out of this area of the home.

The LED Specialist insight:

We have supplied the easy-to-install V-tac Slimline LED Batten range as they are durable and robust. They come in a variety of lengths ranging from 1 foot up to 6 feet. They come in 3 colour temperatures 3000K (warm), 4000K (cool) & 6400K (daylight).

Please speak to our expert team in order to assist with any questions you may have in choosing the correct product for your space.