When setting the desired ambience and feel for your bar or restaurant the flexibility offered by Led lighting can create the aesthetic you require. LED light bulbs and luminaires are available in a variety of sizes and shapes and offer other benefits such as lower energy consumption and a longer lifespan. These combined, can go a long way to reducing your venue’s operational overheads. 

Understanding the right light levels needed in the different areas of your venue is essential in creating an attractive space that makes your visitors keep coming back. At The LED Specialist, we have lighting experts to help you with the design supply and installation of your LED lighting design for bars and restaurants. We aim to provide you with valuable insights from years of experience working in this sector. We understand the best LED lights for the hospitality industry, and we start every project off with an energy-saving survey. 

Whether you’re a cosy intimate venue or a multi-room establishment, we can save you money by converting to LED lighting. We supply the biggest and most trusted brands at very competitive prices. The products we supply come with extensive manufacturer warranties and are guaranteed to perform as expected for their lifetime.

What are the Best LED Light Bulbs for Bars and Restaurants? 

As each venue is always trying to bring out its own individuality, it would be wrong for us to give a blanket recommendation of which lighting to supply. However, what we do recommend is understanding the different light levels required in different areas throughout the establishment. The lighting levels needed at the front of house lighting would differ vastly from those at the back of house lighting or even dining areas. 

When it comes to lighting design for entertainment venues, we have a method which is split into 6 different areas of lighting. We will discuss these below and offer a recommendation for use in this area.

Task Lighting for Bars & Restaurants.

Task lighting refers to lighting used to illuminate a workspace, in bars and restaurant task lighting is not limited to staff members’ working areas. It can also be used to allow customers to read the menu and have a clear view of their table or dining area. Task lighting is normally focused on that space and it’s important to use lighting that doesn’t spread to areas it’s not needed. 

Pendant lighting is commonly used over a bar counter or above a dining table so the light can be directed where it’s needed. LED Spotlights can also be used as they have a directional beam ranging from 10° to 120° allowing the user to focus the light on the area needed.

Accent Lighting for Bars and Restaurants

This type of lighting is usually used when wanting to bring attention to a certain feature in a room such as a painting, or some architecture, but in this industry could be used to light up the back wall of the bar.  Using colour-changing LED strip lights has become a very popular way for bars and restaurants to illuminate their spirit shelf, allowing publicans and licensees more autonomous flexibility in creating a different ambience when needed. 

Picture lights are ideal for single artwork on walls as they can bring a desired focus to that artwork. Track lights or spotlights can also be used in accent lighting as they can cover a wider area and can be pointed to highlight certain areas on walls and even on ceilings.

Emergency Lighting for Restaurants and Bars

Emergency lighting is a range of backup lights that will operate fully automatically in the event of a power failure. It provides sufficient illumination to enable all occupants of a building to evacuate the premises safely during a blackout. We have a wide range of emergency lighting that comply with regulations, our staff have been certified by the Fire Industry Association (FIA) and have the expertise to advise on what you would need for emergency compliance. 

We have LED Emergency Exit Signs that are ready for use and a wide range of Open-area Emergency lighting either as LED panels, LED battens or other LED downlights. If you don’t want to change your existing fittings, we also have a range of emergency conversion kits which can be used to turn a standard fitting into an emergency fitting

Decorative LED Lighting for Bars & Restaurants

Decorative light bulbs can be used to enhance the ambience of bars, restaurants and cafes and are also sometimes referred to as mood lighting. This range of lighting is used for creating beautiful aesthetics and comes in a wide range of colours and shapes to suit any style. 

Calex Lighting is one of the biggest manufacturers of decorative led lighting and at The LED Specialist, we have a wide range of decorative filaments, globes of various shapes and sizes. Combine this with dimming technology and it allows you to set your room or venue to the required mood.

Outdoor LED Lighting for Hospitality

Occupants and guests can decide whether to go inside a venue simply by its outside appearance, so how you light the outside of your venue plays a very significant role. Apart from providing a signature look for your venue that people will remember, outdoor LED lighting can help with your venue’s security. 

LED Floodlights now come with motion sensors, so they don’t need to be on when no one is in the area saving you money on electricity bills. LED outdoor lighting is designed to look good switched on or off so during the day these fittings do not become an eyesore, unlike some of their traditional counterparts. LED string lights also known as festoons; are perfect for outdoor dining areas and are very popular with pub gardens as they provide a cosy warm ambience. 

IP65 waterproof LED strip or tape can have various uses outdoors, it can be used as accent lighting for steps or separate areas but also as a decorative addition to outdoor living spaces. Smart outdoor LED lighting that can be controlled via an app allows you to wirelessly turn on your lighting as well as other fun features like changing colour or dimming the light output.

What are the Benefits of LED Lighting in Bars and Restaurants 

  1. LED light Bulbs and fixtures use significantly less energy than traditional halogen and incandescent lighting. In most cases, LEDs will use over 80% less electricity but can be as much as 95% less in the top ranges. When combined with dimming technology they will use even less electricity also creating the right ambience needed. 
  1. LED Lighting has a much longer lamp life and will outlast conventional lighting 5 times over saving you money on maintenance as replacements are not as frequently required. 
  1. As they contain no hazardous mercury found in compact fluorescent and other incandescent these energy-efficient light bulbs and fittings are much better for the environment. As they use less energy and require less frequent replacement, they help in reducing your carbon footprint. 
  1. LEDs do not produce heat so can be used in just about every room in your establishment. Unlike traditional lighting which works by heating a filament, they can be used in food preparation areas or in food displays as they won’t raise the temperature. 
  1. LED light bulbs provide instant light without a warm-up time which is essential in entertainment venues where you don’t want to wait around for the light to be at full brightness. They can also withstand more frequent switching cycles making them more robust.


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