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LED Smart Home & Lighting

Smart technology has created complete autonomous control when it comes to lighting your home and controlling all electrical products. Wireless Wi-Fi and Bluetooth smart connectivity allow users unrivalled convenience and gives them the ability to get connected and control LED lighting from a smart device. Users can control their connected smart led lighting or connected electrical products wirelessly through an app or even better by voice using Amazon’s Alexa, Google Home, or Apple Homekit.

Smart wi-fi devices for the home can work through your home broadband connection and smart Bluetooth will work through a tablet or a smartphone’s Bluetooth connection. By connecting a central smart hub like a Google nest or Amazon Alexa you can control lighting in different rooms and locations from one central point without the need for a multitude of control devices. A single Google Nest Wi-Fi can connect up to 100 devices and there is no limit to how many devices you can connect with Amazon’s Alexa, but account settings could resist how many you can simultaneously control at any one time.

LED technology has evolved rapidly alongside smart lighting technology and there are so many benefits of having smart LED lighting in and around the home but also in commercial and industrial settings. The ability to control your lighting when not on the premises and set timers will save you money on energy bills as lights can be switched on and off wirelessly when needed. Pair this with the ability to dim LED smart lighting or choose from a plethora of colours with colour changing smart light bulbs you can drive even further energy savings alongside creating your ideal ambience.

What To Consider With Smart LED Lighting?

We have a wide and varied range of Smart lighting and other smart products from leading manufacturers such as Ledvance Smart, Philips Connected, Ansell OCTO, CALEX & Lutec Wiz.

Smart LED Bulbs

We stock smart LED light bulbs and smart LED strip lighting that is suitable for any room in your house that you can control by app, remote or voice using Alexa or Google Home. All our smart bulbs are energy efficient and will convert a standard light fitting into a smart fitting when used instead of conventional lighting or standard LED bulbs. Our most popular conversion is using a smart spotlight bulb like a smart GU10 in the kitchen, living room or bedroom downlights.

Smart LED Light Fittings

Our range of smart fittings includes smart LED panels, smart LED downlights, smart LED battens and smart integrated LED ceiling/wall lights. Smart LED panels are becoming increasingly popular in offices, retail, and hospitality industries as they allow users to control certain sections of the room where uniform light is not needed to create a cosy atmosphere.

Smart Outdoor LED Lighting

Smart security now combines the use of  smart led floodlights with smart gadgets like smart doorbells to have access to your property 24/7 will add an extra layer of security. Smart outdoor bollards, smart led outdoor wall lights and smart outdoor LED strip lighting can enhance your outdoor living spaces. You can control your outdoor smart lighting and other outdoor smart gadgets from the same device or app as you do your indoor ones too.

Smart LED Lighting Accessories

By using a smart Bluetooth Plug or a Smart Wi-Fi plug with your standard electric equipment you can turn them into smart objects.  A great example of this is connecting that hard to reach floor lamp plugged in behind the sofa and simply switch on by voice or quick touch on the app.  Smart doorbells allow you to see who is at your front door when connected to your internet connection and you don’t have to be at home to communicate with who is at your front door.

Smart LED Lighting Bundles

Having a smart home can be a very convenient and energy-saving way to manage lighting and electrical equipment in your home. At The LED Specialist we have created some great bundles to get you started on a connected home, we have smart downlight bundles that combine an Integral Evofire downlight with a Ledvance smart GU10 spotlight at a fraction of the price of an Integrated Smart downlight. We have Google Nest bundles that come with a Nest paired up with either a Smart Plug or a Smart light bulb

To summarize having a Smart Home will benefit you from huge energy savings as you have autonomy over when your lighting and electrical products are turned on or off. It gives you hands-free convenience allowing you to control your devices by voice through Alexa or Google Home. The outdoor smart range will enhance your security using the products discussed earlier. Most of all Smart Home & lighting can save you a lot of time with automated tasks as you can schedule when lights are on through your app and can customize your home in different zones and rooms.

When it comes to Smart Home, we believe at The LED Specialist we have been abreast of the technology since its inception and have trained our colleagues to understand how to get the most out of this tech. We have worked on some incredible smart projects and overcome difficult obstacles to deliver outstanding results, speak to one of Smart LED professionals to see how we can help you get the best out of Smart Technology.