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Calex LED Lighting are a superb domestic and commercial decorative lighting solution

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  1. Noel Richards asks 10 Feb 2024

    are Calex smart bulbs compatible with ‘Hive’ please?

    1. Andrew Mutepfa answers 12 Feb 2024

      Thanks for contacting The LED Specialist. Our range of Calex smart bulbs will be compatible with Hive as they can be connected via the same protocol as other Hive smart products

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When it comes to big-name lighting manufacturers, one name which may spring to mind is Calex. This brand has steadily asserted itself within the industry over the decades, building a reputation for high-quality LED lighting products, all of which come with some great benefits. Here at the LED Specialist, we can happily say that we offer a wide variety of their products, all of which you will be able to find on this page.

History of Calex LED Lighting

The Netherlands is where Calex Lighting began its journey into the lighting industry, originally founded in 1970 as a small electrical components company. They initially had their foray into the lighting sector when they began creating high-quality incandescent bulbs. However, a decade later, the brand shifted its focus to more energy-efficient solutions.

This innovation only continued to happen following this as in the 90s, Calex Lighting began to produce LED bulbs and lamps, a relatively new technology at that time. As a result of their early involvement in manufacturing Calex LED lighting products, they soon became one of the first companies to produce them on a large scale, all whilst embodying the energy-efficient philosophy they had established many years prior. Nearly 40 years later, this sentiment still remains, with them only continuing to refine their craft.

Best Calex LED Light Bulbs UK

Some of the most popular LED lighting products that Calex produces are their Calex LED lighting Smart Bulbs. Compared to their more traditional counterparts, these offer some additional features that only improve their efficiency. For example, the Calex 429002 Smart LED GU10 5W RGBW comes with integrated wifi technology. It can easily be turned on or off from a smartphone, and the colour is also adjusted from an external device. On top of this, this LED bulb also has some dimming capabilities, meaning the light levels can be adjusted to best fit the required lighting needs.

These same technologies also make their way into a whole collection of other Calex smart bulbs, with another of these being the Calex 429042 Smart Wifi GLS/A60 LED Bulb. This product has a lifespan of up to 15,000 hours and a lumen output of 450, embodying Calex’s renowned energy-efficient capabilities.

Alternatively, if you just need some finishing touches when it comes you your LED lighting, Calex Lighting also provides a number of decorative cables, most of which are 3 metres long. In addition to this, they also provide a whole host of different lamp holders, each of which is available in different colours, once again for decorative purposes.  

UK Suppliers of Calex LED Bulbs

If Calex is the LED lighting brand you are specifically looking for, then we here at The LED Specialist can fulfil all of your lighting needs. We house a great range of Calex lighting products, each of which comes paired with unrivalled lifespans, some impressive energy efficiency and overall light outputs. Consequently, this makes them ideal options when it comes to addressing lighting requirements in a host of different sectors.  Whether inside a home or being utilised for more commercial purposes, these products still maintain a cost-effective price point, meaning all budgets can be accommodated.