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LED tube lights are a retrofit replacement for fluorescent tube lighting and come in similar sizes and base caps. The LED Specialist stock two of the most widely used sizes T5 (15.9mm) & T8 (25.4mm) tubes which is the diameter of the tube.

LED tubes are available in the same lengths as their fluorescent counterparts so there is no need to replace the fixture when replacing the old tubes. These highly energy-efficient tubes come in the following sizes

  • T8 2 foot (600mm)
  • T8 3 foot (900mm)
  • T8 4 foot (1200mm)
  • T8 5 foot (1500mm)
  • T8 6 foot (1800mm)
  • T5 2 foot (563.2mm)
  • T5 4 foot (1163.2mm)
  • T5 5 foot (1463.2mm)

LED tubes are widely used in a whole host of applications namely in commercial and industrial settings but are just as popular in retail and in school due to the benefits listed further on this page.

How do LED tubes work?

When it comes to replacing your old fluorescent lighting with LED tubes it is important to pick the correct LED tube technology for a seamless conversion.

  1. HIGH-FREQUENCYNCY (HF) LED TUBES: these tube lights will work in an existing fixture with a High-Frequency ballast these do not require the need for a starter.
  2. ELECTRO-MAGNETIC (EM) LED TUBES: these LED lamps will work with an existing light fixture with an electromagnetic ballast installed, you will need to remove the starter and replace it with an LED starter which is provided with the tube.
  3. ELECTRO-MAGNETIC/MAINS (EM/MAINS) LED TUBES: these will work similarly to standard EM LED tubes if an electromagnetic ballast is present but additionally you can remove the existing ballast and wire direct to the mains supply.
  4. UNIVERSAL (UN) LED TUBES: these can be installed in either an electromagnetic or high-frequency fitting, allowing for more freedom as it eliminates the need for carrying two different types of stock.

What are the Benefits of Switching to LED tube lighting? 

  • The biggest reason people are switching to LED tubes in their homes and businesses is the energy efficiency of these lamps. They will use up to 50% less energy when compared to fluorescent lighting. They have a much higher luminous efficacy meaning they will produce better light output for less energy consumption.
  • LED lighting does not require a warm-up time you will get instant light at the flick of a switch unlike their traditional counterparts there can as much as 60 secs for the fluorescent tube to be at full brightness
  • LED tube lighting does not flicker, making for a more comfortable working environment be it in an office or a classroom
  • Fluorescent lighting contains low-pressure mercury vapour and noble gases so opting for environmentally friendly LEDs is a more sustainable lighting solution.
  • LED lighting has a much longer lamp life in comparison to fluorescent light bulbs, the average lifetime of an LED tube is around 60,000 hours but some of the top ranges can have as much as 80,000 hours.

What are the BEST LED Tube Lights?

The Philips Master LED Tubes offer an impressive lamp life of 60,000 hours when compared to a fluorescent tube on a high-frequency ballast with only 1000 hours. They are made from robust recycled plastic material making them shatterproof so ideal for food displays and will stand up to everyday conditions.

The Philips CorePro Universal LED Tube offers simplicity to any lighting project by eliminating the importance of driver technology. Due to a new design, these tubes will work with luminaires operating either a high-frequency ballast or an electromagnetic ballast. They are very simple to operate and will reduce the need of carrying a stock of different LED tubes.

The Osram SubstiTube T5 High-Frequency LED Tube in a daylight colour temperature (6500K) is shatterproof making it ideal for the food industry without producing the heat associated with traditional incandescent lighting. It is a simple and safe replacement without the need for re-wiring and comes with a 50,000-hour lamp life.

Contact us for LED Tube Lighting

The LED Specialist is the UK’s largest stock of Philips, and we can offer huge discounts for bulk orders for next-day delivery. Give us a call on 01189 507125 we can discuss any individual lighting requirements you have as well as provide you with a no-obligation energy-saving quote.