LED Tubes


LED Tubes are an easy replacement for traditional fluorescent tubes they come in 2 thicknesses T5 LED Tubes & T8 LED tubes and in 5 lengths 2 Foot LED tubes, 3 Foot LED Tubes, 4 Foot LED Tubes, 5 Foot LED Tubes and 6 Foot LED Tubes. The diameter of a T5 LED tube is 15.9mm and for a T8 is 25.4mm. 

The new Led technology in Led Tubes works in 3 ways High Frequency (HF) which be used on a fitting that does not require a starter, Electro-Magnetic (EM) which need a starter and Universal (UN) which be used for a fitting with or without a starter. 

The energy saving from an LED tube compared to a fluorescent tube can be up to 60% making this a sustainable lighting solution and doesn’t contain low pressure mercury vapour and noble gases making it an eco-friendly option for office, school & retail applications. Our range of LED Tubes  have a lamp life of up to 60,000 hours and include Philips LED Tubes, Osram LED Tubes & Crompton LED Tubes.

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