Low Glare UGR Panels

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What does Office Compliant Lighting mean?

Being office compliant with your lighting as an employer means you are providing sufficient light levels for writing, typing, reading and data processing to be a minimum of 500 Lux on average.

It is also recommended that office lighting, especially when monitors are used is flicker-free and has a UGR of 19 or less. UGR stands for Unified Glare Rating, which is a measurement that predicts the amount of discomfort causing glare produced by a lighting installation for a fixed set of conditions.

What are the Benefits of UGR<19, Office Compliant Lighting?

Efficient Light levels, will aid productivity in the workplace which not only benefits the employer but is also rewarding for the employee.

It has massive health benefits bad lighting can cause headaches, eye problems and other mental health problems. Less sick leave.

Using LED lighting will reduce your company's overheads as they use less energy when compared to fluorescent and incandescent lighting.

These are longer-lasting alternatives and are more environmentally alternative to traditional lighting.