LED ST64 Light Bulbs


LED ST64 bulbs also referred to as LED Squirrel Cage or just LED Squirrel bulbs are a perfect way to create a stylish, decorative, and rustic look in your home. Our range of LED Filament Squirrel Lamps includes LED Squirrel Lamps with a gold, smoky or clear finish and are available in ES (E27) and BC (B22) caps. 

The LED ST64 Squirrel bulbs are highly energy efficient and will use up to 90% less energy than the halogen and incandescent versions, making them a more sustainable lighting solution with not only a much longer lamp life but also a more environment friendly lighting solution. 

We stock dimmable and non-dimmable LED Squirrel Lamps in addition to Smart LEDs that can be controlled using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Our range includes Calex LED Squirrel Lamps, Crompton LED Squirrel Lamps, Philips LED Squirrel Lamps, Segula LED Squirrel Lamps and Bell LED Squirrel Lamps.

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