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LED ST64 bulbs, also called LED Squirrel Cage or just LED Squirrel bulbs, are a perfect way to create a stylish, decorative, and rustic look in your home or business. They are especially popular in the hospitality industry as they can create a warm and inviting ambience in restaurants and bars.

These light bulbs with either a gold, smoky or clear finish are designed to look good switched on or off. They are available in an Edison Screw cap (E27) and Bayonet Cap (B22) and are retrofit replacements for incandescent ST64 light bulbs.

Although popular in the hospitality sector they are also found in the home when you don’t want to hide the light bulb under a cover or a fitting, the dimmable variations will also drive even further energy savings. Smart LED ST64 light bulbs are also increasing in popularity in domestic settings not only are they aesthetically pleasing but allow for wireless control using an App or through voice using Alexa or Google Assistant.

What are The Benefits of LED ST64 Light Bulbs?

When choosing to go with LED ST64 Light Bulbs, these come with a wide array of different benefits, the first of these being their energy efficiency, with some of the top ST64 products being 90% more efficient than halogen and incandescent versions. This makes them a sustainable and environmentally friendly option, meaning you can get the same light levels as their counterparts but for significantly lower energy consumption

In addition to their energy efficiency, these LED light bulbs offer an impressive lifespan which can last up to 50,000 hours, which is dramatically longer than their halogen alternatives, meaning you will not need to replace them anywhere near as often.

ST64 LED bulbs also offer the additional benefit of integrating dimmable technologies. This means you can adjust the light levels to your desired choice, a warmer light for relaxing or entertainment and a brighter light output when you need to concentrate or focus.

What are the Best LED ST64 Light Bulbs?

One of the most popular LED ST64 Light bulbs currently on the market is the Phillips Master Value DimTone 5.9W LED ST64. This is an extremely versatile solution, having the ability to save you when it comes to energy costs due to its energy efficiency being 90% more efficient than its non-LED alternatives. The DimTone technology also referred to as WarmGlow will set a warmer tone as the light gets dimmed.

However, if you're wanting a smart option, the Ledvance Smart Bluetooth Filament ST64 Amber Gold is not only a very decorative light bulb but can integrate seamlessly into any home Smart System. It works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple Homekit so can be wirelessly controlled by app or voice activation.

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