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With a linear design that comes with a base on both sides as well as recessed contacts, LED R7s are ideal lighting solutions for a wide range of different applications. Most commonly come in two different sizes, these being 78mm and 118mm; these can be direct replacements when it comes to getting rid of older R7 halogen lamps. With a range of different products available, each one of these comes with its own benefits as well as some unique features.

What are the Benefits of LED R7s?

One of the main befits of R7 LEDs is that these lamps use up to 85% less energy when compared to halogen lamps, and as a result, these are a much more sustainable lighting solution. This means that you get the same levels of brightness and light just at a dramatically lower output, meaning these can save a lot when it comes to those energy bills.

However, the benefits don't stop there when it comes to these R7s LED Light Bulbs, as these products have impressively long lifespans for their considerably smaller size. Should you choose to go with one of the top-of-the-range products when it comes to this style of LED lighting fixture, these could yield up to a 25,000-hour lamp life.

Another benefit these products have is that they can be dimmable, meaning you can adjust the desired light levels to your ideal brightness output in order to suit the rooms they are fitted within. Dimmable LED R7s light bulbs will drive even further energy savings due to using a lower wattage when dimmed down.

Due to their smaller size, the LED R7s can be fitted within a range of different applications and are ideal for both indoor and outdoor lighting. These LED Products are most commonly in wall fittings as well as floor lamps; however, their versatility means their uses can be rather extensive.

What are the Best LED R7s?

The Philips CorePro Dimmable 14W LED Linear R7s 118mm Bulb is one of the most popular products when it comes to LED R7 Bulbs. Coming with a linear design, with dual bases on either side of the fixture, these can be an option when it comes to replacing any incandescent counterparts. In addition to this, this LED product comes with an impressive 2000-lumen light output.

However, should you be looking for a 78mm R7 Light Bulb for a more compact fitting, the Philips CorePro 78mm 7.5W LED R7s could be the ideal fixture for you. It is a direct replacement for a 60W halogen giving you an instant 87.5% reduction in energy consumption. These are a much more sustainable LED Lighting option, being even more environmentally friendly than their more traditional and incandescent equivalents.

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Here at the LED Specialist, we stock a wide range of LED R7 Products, all of which come with unrivalled energy efficiency and significantly longer bulb lifespans when compared to their incandescent counterparts. If you have any individual products you wish to discuss or have any specific lighting requirements you need solutions for, contact us and we can provide you with an energy-saving no-obligation quote today!

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