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Led R7’s are linear bulbs which have a base on both sides and recessed contacts and used in both indoor and outdoor lighting and come in two sizes 78mm and 118mm, which makes it even easier to replace old halogen R7 lamps. 

The LED R7’s bulb uses up to 85% less energy than the halogen lamps, making them a more sustainable lighting solution with not only a much longer lamp life but also more environment friendly lighting. A 78mm 4W LED R7 bulb will typically be replacing a 40W halogen R7 and a 78mm 8W LED R7 replaces a 75W halogen R7 lamp. The longer 118mm R7 bulbs also have low energy consumption with a 118mm 14W LED R7 bulb typically replacing a 120W halogen R7 and 118mm 17.5W LED R7 replacing a 150W halogen R7.

Most of the LED R7 lamps we stock are dimmable which help drive even further energy saving our range includes Philips LED R7, Osram Led R7 & Segula LED R7 bulbs.

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