LED Lighting for Art Galleries

Lighting plays a vital role in guiding visitors through their art gallery experience; the moment a visitor sees the exterior façade, the journey has begun. From creating anticipation on arrival to communicating drama or contemplation within the exhibition space, lighting has a key role to play:


  • It can be used to alter the mood of the exhibition space


  • It can be used to draw the eye to stunning artwork and sculptures


  • The subtle play of light and dark can be used to guide the visitor’s journey from entrance to exit

The lighting of museums and gallery spaces needs to highlight and accentuate the texture, colour, and shape of exhibits, whether they are historic artefacts, modern art, 2D paintings or 3D sculptures. The play of light and dark can be used to great effect in display environments. Dramatic tension can be created in a darkened exhibition space thanks to narrow beams of light cutting through the darkness, drawing the visitors’ gaze to the pieces on display.


Narrow beam LED accent lighting brings high illuminance to sculptures and paintings, leaving the visitor in no doubt of what is the centre of attention in the space. Led technology has evolved rapidly and now have products with a high CRI of 97.


CRI or Colour Rendering Index in full measures the ability of a light source to accurately reproduce the colours of the objects it illuminates. The higher the CRI the more natural the object displayed will look in that light.


Philips Master Expert Colour LED Spots in either MR16, GU10 or AR111 bases are the most ideal accent lighting products on the market with a high CRI of 97. The MR16’s are available 4 different beam angles 10°, 24°, 36° or 60° so light can be efficiently directed on the product on display regardless of the size.


The Philips Master Expert Colour LED GU10 spotlight bulbs are also energy efficient option and come in 2 different beam angle 25° and 36°. The AR111 come in a more focused 9° beam angle but also in 24°, 40° and 45° allowing light to be directed where it’s needed to highlight and accentuate the colour, shape and texture of exhibits.


All these Philips LED spots are retrofit replacements for incandescent and halogen spots and have not only a longer lamp life up to 15 times longer but also huge energy savings of up to 90%. These dimmable light bulbs are more sustainable lighting solution and will reduce maintenance costs as well as they won’t to be replaced as frequently as the incandescent or halogen options.

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