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The origins of Bell can be dated all the way back to 1920 over a century ago, with the brand initially being founded by the Bell family, with later generations still running the company today. Initially, the brand had specialities regarding incandescent decorative lighting products, due to them being situated within a traditional lamp factory upon the startup.

The Benefits of Bell Lighting

Bell has certain specialties when it comes to creating LED lighting products, with one of these being their ability to create long lasting and energy efficient light bulbs. Most of the Bell lighting have lifespans upwards of 25,000 hours, making them more beneficial when compared to other traditional alternatives. What's more is that these bulbs often have unrivalled energy efficiency ratings, meaning they can put out high levels of light, all for a much lower amount of energy.

Another one of the best benefits that Bell lighting products offer is their variety of shapes and sizes they come in. Bell applies their expertise across a host of different lighting types, from the smaller LED spotlights and candle bulbs, all the way to the much larger LED Battens and architectural high bay lights.

What's more is that some of these products even have some customisable technology integrated within their designs. Dimmable Bell light bulbs allow users to control the levels of light specific bulbs put out, meaning that any room these Bell lighting products are outfitted in can have ideal levels of light, either for aesthetic purposes or efficiency if fitted within a workspace.

Best Bell Lighting

One of the best pieces of Bell Lighting is the BELL 6W LED Halo Elite GU10 Dimmable, which comes with the aforementioned dimmable technologies. This GU10 light bulb is ideal for indoor lighting fixtures as the small size is counteracted by the 500lm lumen output they produce. This specific product has a lifespan of up to 25,000 hours and has multiple different variations which give off different warmth of light, from warm white all the way to a cool white.

Another Bell lighting product that comes with dimming capabilities is the Bell 4W LED Dimmable Filament Candle. Coming in a clear finish, this can be utilised for more decorative purposes thanks to its sleek and eye-catching design, all whilst offering the same impressive lifespans and energy efficiency ratings as other Bell products.

Bell also ventured into the outdoor lighting space with the Bell Luna GU10 Fixed PIR Wall Light which is perfect when it comes to placing focus on certain areas of your outdoor space. This has an integrated motion sensor technology, sleek design and durable materials means it adds some more aesthetic touches to the respective space.

UK Suppliers of Bell Lighting

If you believe that Bell is the brand that can meet all your lighting requirements, then look no further. Here at The LED Specialist we house and stock a great variety of different Bell LED’s and other lighting products, each of which come paired with impressive energy efficiency levels and lengthy lifespans, as well as offering high lumen outputs. Alongside all of this, these solutions still manage to be cost effective, meaning they could be great options regardless of your budget.