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The lighting company Lutec was initially founded just over half a century ago back in 1972, originally going under an alternative name to what we know them now. They first became notable thanks to their expertise in the sector of outdoor LED lighting, producing a wide variety of garden lanterns which were both modern in design as well as maintaining professional aesthetics. The company itself bases their headquarters out in Yuyao, the province in which the company was first conceptualised. The branch of Lutec as we know them now shifted its philosophies in 2012, beginning to focus more on the architectural sector of outdoor lighting, all whilst integrating some additional solar energy studies, devoting their practices to further innovation and development.

The Benefits of Lutec Lighting 

One of the main benefits Lutec lighting presents is its diversity and versatility. All of their products come in a host of different shapes, sizes and general designs to meet certain needs and requirements in terms of lighting. Security lighting is one of their newest ventures, presenting a number of options which can be ideal for illuminating outdoor spaces.

This illumination is achieved thanks to the high-lumen output their products can produce. Consequently, when choosing one of these products you can be assured there will be more than adequate levels of light in your outdoor areas. However, with these high lumen outputs, Lutec still manages to ensure that all of their products are energy efficient, using lower levels of energy compared to other more traditional bulbs, all whilst outputting the same levels of light. 

What is more impressive is that Lutec has managed to significantly increase the lifespan of its LED lighting products and other various lighting products over the years. Once again referencing more traditional bulbs, Lutec lighting products can have lifespans of up to 30,000 hours, with some products even surpassing this. Therefore, Lutec light bulbs can also be cost-effective in both the long and short term, thanks to them not requiring frequent replacements or changes.

Best Lutec Lighting 

Due to Lutec accommodating a whole range of outdoor lighting requirements, there are a number of options you could potentially select between. One of these is the Lutec LEDA PIR Integrated LED Outdoor Wall Light, with this option coming paired with an adjustable motion sensor which can be positioned both vertically and horizontally. This LED lighting product can hence illuminate areas as soon as movement is detected, outputting.  Alongside this impressive output, this product also could last up to 30,00 hours meaning once it is fitted, you won't have to worry about replacing it for a long time. 

Another popular option when it comes to Lutec lighting is the Tango Integrated LED Outdoor Wall Light. This adopts a more unique design, incorporating a double glass aspect which creates a distinctive up-and-down design. With this wall light being fitted outside, its heavy aluminium accents maintain its durability, with the product itself offering huge energy savings too!

All of these products we have mentioned, plus many more, also come in a variety of different designs, a majority of them either being monochromatic or completed thanks to a metallic finish. Consequently, these can be outfitted onto most buildings without distracting from the already pre-established aesthetics.

UK Suppliers of Lutec Lighting

At The LED Specialist, we stock a great range of the finest Lutec lighting products, each of which shares all the benefits which we have previously detailed. From unrivalled energy efficiency all the way down to their impressive lifespans, Lutec LEDs could be ideal solutions for all of your outdoor lighting needs.