LED GLS (A60 & A67) Light Bulb


Often referred to as a standard lamp, the GLS lights are some of the most recognisable bulbs due to their traditional pear shape, which hasn’t changed much over the years. LED GLS light bulbs are increasing in popularity as they are able to be retrofit replacements for their halogen counterparts and come in both Bayonet and Edison Screw Caps.

LED GLS light bulbs are available in two different sizes, these being A60 and A67, with the numbers in these sizes being associated with the diameter of the lamp. The former of these is an extremely popular fixture in homes as well as retail and commercial premises. These LED Bulbs are incredibly versatile and consequently, can be used in a variety of different fixtures such as lamp shades, ceiling lights and wall light fittings. When it comes to the design of the bulb, these can be in the form of frosted, clear or filament bulbs, with each one helping to match any room’s decoration.

These lamps are commonplace when it comes to living room lighting as most of the light fittings for this room are designed to seamlessly accommodate its 60mm diameter. In addition to this, these GLS Light Bulbs are not restricted to domestic use and can offer a decorative lighting solution in hospitality settings where these lamps will look good; both switched on and off.

What are the Benefits of LED GLS Light Bulbs? 

  • LED GLS light bulbs are highly energy efficient and will use up to 85% less energy than halogen or incandescent bulbs, meaning you get the same light output at a significantly lower energy cost.
  • Moreover, LED light bulbs are longer lasting than their incandescent light bulb counterparts. On average, these LED Lighting fixtures will last 15 times longer than their counterparts, with the top ranges having up to a 50,000-hour lamp life, which is hugely significant when compared to only 1000 hours in traditional bulbs
  • On top of their energy efficiency, these LED light bulbs have less of an environmental impact compared to incandescent lamps as they contain no mercury, helping to reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Filament LED bulbs are also highly decorative lamps, allowing for a multitude of different mixtures. Furthermore, these bulbs still manage to successfully and effectively light up rooms without producing heat, as found in the traditional incandescent replacement.

What are the Best LED GLS Light Bulbs? 

  • The Philips Master Ultra-Efficiency lamp is the only ‘A’ energy-rated GLS light bulb available in the United Kingdom. This lamp offers up to 95% energy savings compared to incandescent lamps, as well as 60% when compared to other LED GLS light bulbs. This lamp, historically known as the Dubai Lamp, has a 50,000-hour lamp life. The LED Specialist is one of the few stockists of this ultra-energy-efficient lamp, with these currently only being available with Edison Screw Caps.
  • The Philips Master LED Dimtone GLS Bulb is also a high-end product offering a 25.000-hour lamp life. The Dimtone technology is a dimming feature that warms the light colour as it dims. Along with this, these are available in both a Bayonet Cap and an Edison Screw cap.
  • The Philips Master Value LED GLS range has a high colour rendering index of 90, meaning it’s as close to natural as you can get. This range comes with a decorative filament finish making these lamps aesthetically pleasing, whether they are switched on or off. Once again, these are available in both a Bayonet Cap and an Edison Screw cap
  • The Philips CorePro LED GLS range is the affordable lighting solution for incandescent GLS light bulb replacements, offering huge energy savings and coming with a 15,000 lamp life. These lamps come with a frosted or clear finish, as well as offering both Bayonet and Edison Screw Cap fittings.

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