The rising energy costs do not only affect domestic users, but city, town and parish councils are now beginning to understand the importance of providing safe public using more sustainable and cost effective lighting.


From public road lighting, street lighting to car park lighting, LED lighting offers a more sustainable lighting solution with the added benefit of a longer lamp life which reduces maintenance costs as these light bulbs do not need frequent changing compared to conventional lighting.


Not only is LED street lighting good on minimising council outgoings, but the latest LED technology also complies with light pollution regulations.  Light pollution, or artificial light at night, is the excessive or poor use of artificial outdoor light, and it disrupts the natural patterns of wildlife, contributes to the increase in carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere, disrupts human sleep, and obscures the stars in the night sky.


The luminaires or fittings used in LED street and road lighting ensures that light is only directed where it’s needed, with light only shining down onto the public spaces and not having an effect on the night-time sky.

LED lighting compared to Conventional street lighting

The Philips Coreline Malaga LED Streetlight range, is the perfect example of this with no upward light output.


It gives a cool white light (4000K) unlike older solutions such as HID or SON lamps which give a yellow light, with a significantly higher lumen output for only the fraction of energy used.


With a 100,000 hour median use lamp life this LED streetlight would outlast conventional lamps 20 times over.


The best LED replacement for HID (High Intensity Discharge) and SON lamps are the Philips TrueForce Core LED Road lamps and the Philips TrueForce LED SOX, with a short payback period. You can easily retrofit Trueforce LED road lamps into existing SON and SON-T systems, enhancing the lighting quality with LED without changing the luminaire’s ballast or reflector.


These energy efficient LED lamps have been designed to fit into the majority of existing luminaires and come in both an E27 and an E40 cap for the TrueForce Core LED Road lamps and bayonet cap (B22) for the TrueForce LED SOX. With a long lamp life of 25,000 hours, they are ideal for road and street lighting as well as  park lighting.


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