LED Golfball Bulbs


LED Golf Ball Light Bulbs are small round lamps designed for fixtures with limited space. Sometimes referred to as LED Lustres, these can come in the form of round lamps or even mini globes. Due to their 45mm diameter, these are commonly referred to as P45 lamps in industrial settings, with these being available in 4 of the more popular base caps, including Bayonet, Edison Screw, Small Bayonet, and Small Edison Screw Caps

These lamps are widely used throughout homes, mainly in smaller fixtures such as table lamps or bedside lighting. Additionally, these are also commercially popular, being frequent in the hospitality and retail industries due to them being less bulky than other LED bulbs, allowing them to fit into wall and ceiling light fittings.

What are the Benefits of LED Golf Ball Light Bulbs? 

  • LED Golf Ball light bulbs are highly energy efficient, using up to 85% less energy than halogen or incandescent bulbs. The Dimmable LED Golf ball bulbs will drive down energy savings even further as they use less electricity when dimmed down.
  • LED bulbs are longer lasting than incandescent light bulbs and, on average, will last 15 times longer than their counterparts. Should you look to adopt one of the top ranges  of LED Golf Ball Light Bulbs, these can have a 40,000-hour lamp life which is hugely significant when compared to the 1000-hour lifespan of traditional bulbs
  • Along with Dimmable LED Golf Ball light bulbs saving even more energy when dimmed down, the LED Lights also allow you to adjust the light output to match the required lighting needs. You can choose to dim down your fixtures in order to create a warm and cosy atmosphere, as well as have the option to increase the brightness when you need more light. 
  • These LED lighting fixtures have less of an environmental impact compared to incandescent lamps as they don’t feature any mercury, with their lower energy consumption reducing their overall carbon footprint.
  • In addition to all of these efficiencies, filament LED golf ball bulbs are highly decorative lamps and don’t produce any heat when compared to their traditional incandescent replacements. When paired with a fitting such as a pendant or a chandelier, this can only help to create a more desired ambience.

What are the Best LED Golf Ball Light Bulbs? 

  • The Philips Master Dimtone LED Golf Ball light bulb range is a popular product offering a 25,000-hour lamp life. The Dimtone technology is a dimming feature that warms the light colour as it dims, with these LED Lights available in the four base caps mentioned earlier. The Philips Master Value LED Golf Ball light bulb range which has a high colour rendering index of 90, meaning it’s as close to natural as you can get. This range comes with a decorative filament finish, making these lamps aesthetically pleasing whether they are switched on or off. Once again, these are available in the four previously mentioned base caps.
  • The Philips CorePro LED Golf Ball light bulb range is the affordable lighting solution for incandescent GLS light bulb replacements, offering huge energy savings and coming with a 15,000-hour lamp life. Similar to many other LED golf ball light bulbs, these lamps come with a frosted or clear finish as well as 4 different base caps.

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