LED Golfball Bulbs

Golfball bulb shaped bulbs are small round light bulbs designed for fixtures with limited space, they are sometimes referred to as simply round lamps, mini-globes or P45 lamps due to a typical 45mm diameter. They are also available in 4 cap fittings Small Bayonet Cap LED Golfball, Small Edison Screw LED Golfball, Bayonet Cap LED Golfball & Edison Screw LED Golfball. 

LED Golfball lamps use 85% less energy compared to halogen lamps and up to 90% when compared to their incandescent versions making them a more sustainable lighting solution with not only a much longer lamp life but also more environment friendly lighting. 

Our range of Smart LED Golfball Bulbs can be controlled by voice, remote or app connecting via Bluetooth or Wi-fi, allowing you to do more with your lighting and some also work with Alexa and or Google Home. We have a wide range that will enhance any room’s décor and ambience in Philips LED Golfball, Osram LED Golfball, Calex LED Golfball, Segula LED Golfball, Ledvance LED Golfball, Integral LED Golfball, Crompton LED Golfball and Megaman LED Golfball.

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