Led lighting for sports field and arenas

LED Lighting for Sports Fields and Arenas

One of the biggest areas to benefit from the advent of LED technology has been sports field lighting. Clubs and teams and most importantly the spectators no longer must put up with huge cast shadows under yellow/orange lighting drawing huge energy from outdated in-efficient incandescent Metal Halide or SON lamps.

LED lighting uses significantly lower energy for higher lumen output, basically giving you more light for a fraction of your previous energy consumption when compared to conventional lighting.

Some of the benefits of switching to LED lighting in Sports

  • LEDs light up instantly they don’t need a warmup to get to full brightness
  • LEDs are longer lasting reducing maintenance costs
  • LEDs are more energy efficient and will significantly reduce electricity bills
  • LEDs are more robust and can withstand harsh environmental factors
  • LEDs have superior light quality compared to conventional sports lighting
  • LEDs are a more environmentally friendly option as they don’t contain any toxic or harmful materials and are fully recyclable
  • LEDs have a longer warranty meaning you can rest easy knowing the manufacturer will replace these within the allotted warranty period 

LEDs are becoming more popular as they become easily affordable and are not only driving down energy and maintenance costs but also helping lower the carbon footprints of sports venues across the country.


Here are some of the more common uses of LED Lighting in Sports:-

Football Field LED Lights

5-a-side football has become one of the country's fastest growing recreational activities and is usually played in the evenings normally on synthetic pitches. Effective lighting maximises the opportunity for vast numbers of people to take part as the weather plays an insignificant role on these synthetic pitches.

Although the lighting level is usually lower than that of professional or league broadcasted matches, the lighting quality should remain high in terms of uniformity, visual comfort and limitation of obtrusive light (light pollution). As the game tends to be played in and around residential areas the light needs to be directed only where it’s needed.

The Philips Coreline Tempo Floodlight range is an ideal sport floodlighting solution with a very short payback period. We can do a free survey and recommend the optimum option for your football lighting to give you a maximum return on your investment, get in touch and start saving immediately.


Hockey Field LED Lights

Good quality illumination is essential for sports like hockey where players are expected to react quickly to a small but fast-moving ball. This aspect of the game demands uniform light distribution and a colour temperature that matches daylight.

The Philips Coreline Floodlights or the Philips Ledinaire ranges are easy to install and perfect for replacing traditional HID solutions. Designed around state-of-the-art LEDs and high-efficiency optics in cool white (4000k) and lumen output ranging from 32040-38720 lumens depending on wattage.



The lighting should provide uniform illumination over the full pitch. It should also ensure that the full flight of the ball is visible while providing good viewing conditions for players, officials and spectators.

Care should be taken to ensure that shadows are not cast onto the pitch from floodlights located behind grandstand rooflines, as this is a major safety concern when games or practice is undertaken at night.

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Good visibility for athletes, competition judges and team officials enables them to clearly see everything going on in the competition or training area so that they can produce their best possible performances, and/or make accurate decisions. Spectators should be able to follow the athletes' performances on the field but should also be able to see other actions in their immediate surroundings.

Also, the lighting should enable spectators to safely enter and leave the sports facility, if there are stands dimmable LED lighting is suitable. You can dim the lighting in the stands while the meet is on to accentuate the athletics arena and increase the brightness when spectators are leaving.

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Golf Driving Ranges

Tennis Courts

Outdoor Basketball Courts

All these other outdoor sports can benefit greatly from switching over from conventional lighting to Outdoor LED sports lighting.  LED lighting will reduce your energy bills by up to 90% in some cases and subsequently reduce maintenance costs as they are long-lasting and will need replacing less often.

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