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The UK's Specialist in LED Lighting

Welcome to The LED Specialist, a UK-based LED lighting expert providing professional service in all aspects involved with the supply of LED products to domestic, commercial, and industrial applications. We are an independent LED retailer carrying a vast amount of stock from several market-leading brands. The LED Specialist are an approved Philips lighting stockist and reseller and has the UK’s largest stock of Philips LED lighting available for next-day delivery. 

We want to save you money on your energy bills by providing energy-efficient, sustainable lighting solutions; we pride ourselves on outstanding customer service and aim to provide the best LED lights for your home or business, whether it be in achieving a similar light output, or aiming to save as much energy as possible. 

The LED Specialist’s goal is to provide you with high-quality products from the leading manufacturers at competitive prices. We have the best LED bulbs for your kitchen lighting, bedroom lighting, or lighting any room in your home or at work. Our range even extended to applications such as LED Warehouse Lighting, LED Floodlighting, LED Street Lighting and LED Office Lighting. 

We offer free delivery on all UK orders over £100 as well as competitive rates on next-day delivery when compared to other LED lighting suppliers online.

What products do we offer? 

At the LED Specialist, we provide you with a range of LED lighting products ideal regardless of the sector it is required for. Our products help light up rooms, coming in a range of different fittings and specified collections.

LED Bulbs 

The recent advantages when it comes to LED Technology have only asserted LED bulbs as the go-to when it comes to lighting a room. Not only can these last up to 50 times longer when compared to more standard bulbs, but these can also be even brighter whilst also giving you more consistent light. On top of all this, LED Bulbs are more energy efficient than standard bulbs, despite them giving the same level of light output, often using 90% less power. 

Indoor Lighting 

At the LED Specialist, we offer a host of various LED indoor lighting fittings and applications. Lighting can have a significant impact when it comes to the feel of a home or the efficiency of operations within a more commercial setting. However, with our range of Kitchen, Bathroom, Garage, Office, Hallway and Bedroom lighting products, we have the right LED solution regardless of your requirements. 

Outdoor Lighting 

When it comes to LED outdoor lighting, not only can it really add to the look of the building, but it can also provide additional layers of security should that be a concern you wish to address. Here at the LED Specialist, we offer a number of advanced options, all of which are durable, energy efficient and can come with a selection of additional features such as sensors, which could play an essential role should you choose to go down the security route. 

Commercial Lighting 

It's not just homes we provide LED Lighting for; we also provide a vast range of different Commercial LED lights, suitable for a host of varied industry, retail and commercial environments. Regardless of the sector, the buildings in which your business is carried out require lighting, whether it be for safety or efficiency. Consequently, we house a range of energy-efficient LED bulbs and fittings all of which are durable and can come in numerous shapes, sizes and colours in order to meet all your LED lighting requirements. 

LED Accessories 

LED Accessories are great additions when it comes to making your LED lighting more effective as well as helping tailor the light levels specifically for your desires. With the addition of accessories such as switches, and dimmers to help you adjust the luminosity as well as extended cables to help match your lighting fixtures, the LED Specialist offers a great range of both decorative and functional LED accessories.

Specific LED Brands

All of the above-mentioned products the LED Specialist provides also house a range of great LED Brands and providers. We act as the ideal LED retailer, providing you with great brands such as Phillips, Segula, Plumen, Sensio and Osram Ledvance, amongst a host of other various LED brands, in order for you to find the right light for your needs.

Which Industries can our LED Lights be applied to? 

The LED Specialist’s goal is to provide you with high-quality products from leading manufacturers at competitive prices. We have the best LED bulbs for your kitchen lighting, bedroom lighting, or lighting in any room in your home or at work. Our range even extended to applications such as LED Warehouse Lighting, LED Floodlighting, LED Street Lighting and LED Office Lighting.

On top of all this, the LED Specialist also provides products for a range of Applications lighting, spanning a range of different sectors. Industry Lighting is one of these, with us providing solutions across areas including Col Storage, Street Lighting, Industrial Furnaces & Ovens, as well as a range of education lighting spanning across universities, Colleges, Schools and Sports Halls.

In addition to this, we also provide a range of LED Applications suitable for Building/Area Lighting. Whether you are in need of fitting your art gallery, museum or host of other various venues with lighting, we have you covered for all your possible LED solutions. Moreover, should you require lighting applications in the food and beverage sector, we once again have all the right products when it comes to providing the best LED bulbs and lighting.

The Benefits of LED Lighting? 

Comparing LED Bulbs and lighting to other standard ones highlights a multitude of different benefits over traditional bulbs. However, the design of these only builds on the positives of their predecessors whilst leaving the inefficiencies behind. LED bulbs offer a significantly longer lifespan, often up to 50 times longer than that of traditional bulbs. In addition to this, the efficiency of the energy is often up 70% better, turning more energy into light due to their higher lumen output. Moreover, LEDs also operate at lower temperatures as LED bulbs emit electromagnetic light instead of the heated filaments incandescent bulbs give off as light. 

Another significant benefit of LED bulbs is the wide variety of colours available, disregarding the need for filters or gels in order to give off different light shades. Featuring a phosphorus-coloured diode, this gives LED lights the benefit of offering a variety of temperatures and colours that won't fade or burn out over their lifespans. 

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When it comes to the LED Specialist, we can almost guarantee to meet as well as exceed your needs when it comes to your required or desired LED Lighting outcome. With years of experience within various different industries, we specialise in providing the highest quality LED Lighting Applications in order to make that significant difference to either your business or home. Regardless of your specific requirements, we take into consideration the wide range of building and industry types, in order to provide you with the ideal LED Lighting solution. Contact us today to find out how we can aid in your mission of designing the perfect LED Lighting Applications today.

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  1. mark asks 26 Jan 2024

    I'm looking to replace under cabinet lights and the details on the bulb are:

    Sensio SEN9005HDWW
    DC24V 1.65W

    Can you please advise if these have been replaced or what the equivalent is please?

    Many thanks.

    1. Andrew Mutepfa answers 26 Jan 2024

      Thank you for reaching out to The LED Specialist. We can definitely recommend a replacement for your under-cabinet lights. It looks from the part number you provided these are Sensio Hype under cabinet lights. I’m not sure they are still available but if you can provide a phone number, we could contact you maybe we can come up with the best alternative for you.

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