Kosnic Pico-i LED Bulkheads

Energy-Efficient LED Replacements for Fluorescent Fittings

Introducing Kosnic's Pico-i Integrated LED Bulkhead, featuring innovative DoB (driver-on-board) LED modules. When ceiling mounted, this remarkable bulkhead boasts an impressive IP44 rating and showcases a sleek edge-less vacuum-formed polycarbonate cover with exceptional LOR. LOR stands for Light Output Ratio and is a figure that shows how much light gets lost inside a luminaire (light fitting). Low energy consumption makes it the ideal LED replacement solution for CFL light fittings, producing a better light output for less electricity. 

What sets this bulkhead apart is its convenient pre-fitted emergency LED strip, allowing for effortless conversion into emergency lighting with the optional emergency module. Experience the perfect lighting solution for corridors, staircases, thoroughfares, and any other area in need of practical illumination. Discover the simplicity and elegance of Kosnic's Pico-i Integrated LED Bulkhead. 

Product Overview

  • Twist & lock fast-fit bulkhead with integrated LED.
  • Vacuum-formed PC (polycarbonate) opal cover with a high LOR of 87%.
  • Clear polycarbonate cover that holds the LED PCB to the base of the fitting.
  • All models come with a prefixed emergency LED strip with a green LED indicator.
  • Use Driver on Board (DOB)technology, with added surge protection.
  • Plugging in the DD EME emergency module can easily convert all models to emergency fitting.
  • Rubber seal located at the inner edge of the base provides IP44 protection.