Kitchen Lighting

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Make the heart of your home an extension of you with unique and personable lighting ideas from The LED Specialist.

From bright task lighting concepts for cooking to ambient lighting to set the mood when entertaining we have it all covered.

Our vast variety includes ceiling lighting, kitchen island lights, cabinet lighting and aesthetic pendant lighting. Combined with energy-efficient LED technology, these kitchen lights will not only brighten the hub of your home but also save on energy bills.

Kitchen Ceiling Lighting 

Getting the correct lighting for any setting starts from the top down whether it is flush ceiling lights or functionally important fire-rated kitchen downlights, get your kitchen glowing from the top down.

Kitchen spotlighting is one of the most popular ways to illuminate one of the most important rooms in your home either using track lighting or LED downlights. These either come with integrated LEDs or you can use an energy-efficient LED GU10 bulb or LED MR16 spot from our LED Spotlights range

A modern twist is to use LED Strip lighting due to its versatility; this flexible LED lighting solution can bend around corners and light up areas in any room where standard light bulbs just can't do the job. At The LED Specialist, we offer a Bespoke strip lighting service: we can provide any length and colour to suit any style of kitchen plus all the accessories like drivers and connectors for a seamless installation.

Kitchen Cabinet Lighting

Accent lighting at its best brings out the best features of your kitchen using under-cabinet lighting. Our most popular under cabinet lights are the Sensio Connex in a variety of lengths to suit any kitchen. These can also be used as task lighting for the kitchen worktop for food preparation.

The Sensio Connex TriTone is single a LED product with 3 selectable colour temperatures easily interchangeable between warm, natural, and cool white. The Sensio Connex is very easy to install and comes in a variety of different lengths which are connectable to create one continuous strip.

You can also use these versatile lights inside a cabinet as display lighting. LED strip lighting can also be used in this area, with its flexibility can be used in a variety of setting to suit your desired decor. Smart colour-changing LED strip is versatile and can be controlled by voice using your Smart speaker or through an App.

The LED Specialist Insight 

We offer the complete kitchen lighting solution from floor to ceiling all available in energy-saving LED Bulbs. Use kitchen plinth lights either on skirting boards or at the bottom of your cupboards to create an elegant finish. The Sensio Connex range can be used either as task lighting under your cabinets or display lighting inside them.

You can then choose a kitchen wall light that either matches or accentuates your kitchen décor and finish off with our range of LED kitchen ceiling lighting. For that recessed flush look the Integral Evofire Fire-rated Downlights will suit all styles.

Kitchen Pendant Lighting

These decorative light fittings are perfect to hang over a kitchen island or a breakfast bar although not limited to these areas.

They can bring attention to a certain part of the kitchen when hanging from the ceiling either as one singular pendant or in a cluster of multiple fittings.

Pendant lights are sometimes referred to as either drop or suspended lights as they usually hang from a cord over the area being illuminated. Our Calex range of design your-own pendants is very stylish and yet very easy to install in 3 simple steps. You choose the ceiling rose either a 1-hole, 3-hole or a 5-hole depending on the number of lights you would like on your pendant. You add a choice of cable for that ceiling along with a matching lamp holder and your very own pendant has been created to suit your taste. Combine this with decorative LED light bulbs like an LED squirrel cage lamp (ST64) or an LED Globe to create that feature light that wows every time.

Contact The LED Specialist for Kitchen Lighting Ideas UK

Please speak to our expert team to assist with any questions you may have in choosing the correct product for your kitchen. We can help you identify the light bulb or fitting you want to create the style you are after, as well as advice on energy saving.