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The LED Specialist stock a vast and varied range of commercial LED lights and fixtures suitable for all industrial, commercial, and retail environments. We are experts in LED lighting, and we can provide you with an energy-saving alternative to halogen and incandescent lighting that can reduce your carbon footprint significantly and save you money.

Many businesses are reluctant to make the switch over to LED lighting as they are put off by the higher cost price of LEDs when compared to conventional lighting. The reality, which is frequently looked over, is that the purchase price is a rather small part of the cost of the light bulb or fitting, you also need to consider the lifetime operational costs of the lamp, or the fixture accompanied by the lifetime maintenance costs as the LED will last up to 50 times longer.

So, while it may cost less to purchase conventional lighting like halogen and incandescent lighting, these lamps and fixtures cost more to run as they use a significantly higher amount of energy. In comparison, LEDs might have a slightly higher purchase price, but they have a short payback period and will pay for themselves many times over due to lower energy consumption.

Another reason companies choose to install commercial LED light fixtures is the reduced maintenance costs associated with LED lighting. These energy-efficient light bulbs have a longer lamp life when compared to conventional lighting in most cases up to fifty times longer. A standard halogen or incandescent light will need to be replaced around 25 times in the lifetime of one single LED light bulb. If a facilities company are charging you to do this that can equate to a large saving on labour and call-out time.

The latest building and wiring regulations for Industrial & Commercial lighting promote the use of Emergency lighting, more and more businesses are now turning to Emergency LED lighting to comply with these regulations. It is a statutory requirement that businesses fit their premises with emergency lighting, to allow the safe and efficient evacuation of all staff and visitors in the event of an emergency.

Emergency Lighting comes with a battery pack that is continuously charged when the mains voltage is present, when that is removed or fails the backup power kicks in for at least 3 hours and dims the light output by 70% in an emergency.  Pro-active businesses are switching over from incandescent to Emergency LED lighting to comply with regulations and save money on energy and maintenance costs in the long run.

LED lighting offers businesses some other useful technologies other than emergency which can greatly impact running costs such as dimming, occupancy sensors, corridor function and smart controls. Sensors are particularly attractive for areas such as underground car parks, corridors, restrooms, and stairways where the light doesn’t have to be on all the time and gets switched on by a sensor when it detects movement and turns off when no one is in the area.

Sensors and dimming allow the light or fixture to only use a fraction of the energy compared to if it was on all the time or at full capacity thus driving even further energy savings.

LED Lighting in Commercial & Industrial Applications.

Our commercial lighting range from the market’s leading brands such as Philips Lighting, Ansell, Osram and Integral come with a minimum 5-year manufacturer’s warranty that covers a broad range of applications which includes and is not limited to:-