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  1. Rowena Gilbert asks 2 Nov 2023

    I am looking for an LED light bulb to replace a 100 or 150 W halogen bulb in a fitting over a kitchen island.

    It needs to be :
    E27 screw base.
    Max 115 mm long and 70mm wide
    Warm white
    High lumens

    Any suggestions?
    Thank you

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Explore the possibilities of LED Light Bulbs

Switching to LED light bulbs does not mean sacrificing lighting quality, as they offer better quality and much longer lamp life. It's a misconception that low-wattage LEDs aren't as bright as other incandescent light bulbs. LED technology has improved a lot in recent years and continues to do so and offers much higher lumens per watt.

These advances mean that with the right wattage, your LED light bulbs can be even brighter than traditional incandescent bulbs. Not only can they give you brighter, more consistent light, but LED light bulbs can last up to 50 times longer than standard bulbs.

LED Light Bulbs are Great for Business

For business and commercial use - switching to LED makes great financial sense, and here are 5 reasons why…

1. Lower energy costs:

Here at The LED Specialist, we have helped businesses save several thousands of pounds per year - every year. With the cost of LED falling, payback is from a few months for replacing incandescent and halogen lighting for led lamps to around 12-18 months for LED panels and roughly in between that for replacing fluorescent lighting with led tubes. The more the LED light is on…the quicker you receive your payback on the expense of that product due to the amount of energy it is saving you.

2. Lower maintenance and cleaning costs:

No lamp or tube changes - items like LED panels are much easier to clean when compared with fluorescent tube panels which has louvres previously used to reflect the light as desired. The need for specialised machinery like cherry pickers is reduced for high ceilings.

3. More Productivity:

Studies have shown that getting the appropriate lighting in a work environment can positively affect performance in an office, warehouse or manufacturing. One of the most striking factors influencing how we work is the colour temperature of the light source we’re exposed to on a regular basis.

4. A great Return on Investment: 

LED gives a great return. For example, the Philips Corepro 3W dimmable GU10 spotlight bulbs costing £2.65 will save you the cost price in the first month in energy costs when comparing it to, its halogen 35-watt equivalent. 

The Integral 30W 600X600 LED  panel retailing at around £43 will save £28.00 per year in energy with a return of 36%  (12hrs per day and £0.28 KWh)

5. No or very little glare:

Most office-compliant LED panels have a Unified Glare Rating (UGR) of less than 19 when compared to incandescents that are much higher which can make it difficult to stare directly into a white space or even a computer screen. There is no universally accepted standard that must be used when fitting an LED Panel into a school or an office as it is proven to benefit the person's circadian rhythm.

Which is the right LED Light Bulb for me?

LED light bulbs in the UK are now available in most shapes and different base caps making them an efficient retrofit replacement for halogen and incandescent lighting. LED GU10 spotlight bulbs can replace halogen light bulbs without the need for rewiring the fitting; as the majority of these are dimmable you can drive even further savings on energy consumption.

LED bulbs like LED golfball bulbs, LED candle and LED GLS light all now come in the most popular bases Edison Screw, Small Edison Screw, Bayonet Cap and Small Bayonet Cap. In the bigger lamp range like decorative LED globes, you can get these lamps with a giant Edison screw cap (E40) so replacing traditional lighting with energy-efficient LEDs is as easy as unscrewing the old lamp and putting in the new LED light bulb.

Colour-changing LED lights are also becoming popular and in our range of smart led bulbs, you can wirelessly control your lighting using voice for products compatible with Alexa, Google Home, or Apple Homekit. You can also control your lighting via an app even when you’re away from your home adding another layer of security

LED lighting technology has come a long way and now offers a wide range of lighting suitable to individual tastes whether it be kitchen LED strip lighting, led garage light or LED downlights. LED garden lights come with huge energy savings, so you light up your outdoor spaces with led string lights or outdoor smart LED lights.

The LED Specialist are ready to help you switch to energy-efficient LED lighting and start saving you money off your electricity bills. As LED lightbulbs are longer lasting, they need less maintenance and replacement, giving you a bigger return when compared to halogen or incandescent.

What are the benefits of LED Light Bulbs?

LEDs use less electricity for the same light output, up to 90% less when compared to conventional lighting and 18% less electricity compared to Compact Fluorescent Lighting. Less energy consumption not only benefits finances but with fewer CO2 emissions it’s good news for the environment and your carbon footprint. LED Light Bulbs make more financial sense not just to homeowners but to businesses as well.