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What are Ultra-Efficient LED Light Bulbs?

For a light bulb or luminaire to be classified as Ultra-Efficient it needs to have either an A or a B energy rating in the new Energy Rating classification. For an LED bulb to be A-rated it needs to have a luminous efficacy of at least 210 lumens per watt with a B-rated bulb coming in between 185-210 lumens per watt. Anything above 185 lumens per is now generally classified as Ultra-Efficient.

Philips Lighting was the first to venture into this market when it created the Dubai Lamp a few years ago and developed this even further when the concept was introduced to the European markets. These bulbs have twice the lamp life of the previous LED bulbs and will use 60% less energy than the standard LED light bulb. Osram has also ventured into this field and has produced similar rated Ultra-Efficient LED bulbs in standard GLS shape, candles and GU10 spots. Other manufacturers are due to embark on this new sector of the LED market.

What are the Benefits of Ultra Efficient LED Bulbs?

These A-rated or B-rated light bulbs have a lamp life of 50,000 hours compared to the previous LED bulb which had around 25, 000 hours for the top ranges. This is nearly twice as long in most cases and is referred to as a fit-and-forget solution as you rarely need to replace these bulbs.

They will pay for themselves many times over in their lifetime as they use significantly lower energy and will save you a lot of money on energy bills. On average Ultras will use 60% less energy than standard LEDs and over 95% when compared to the traditional incandescent light bulb.

They are environmentally friendly, requiring less frequent replacements means very few bulbs are taken to the landfill, also cutting down the amount that are produced for the lighting market; even reductions into the amount of packaging being produced should be considered.

What are the Best Ultra Efficient LED Light Bulbs?

The Philips Ultra-Efficient GLS range comes in either a clear filament or frosted finish with an Edison Screw cap and has a lamp life of 50,000 hours which normally relates to 50 years of standard use. These are A-rated and range from as low as 2.3W to 7.3W for the 100W halogen equivalent.

The Osram Ultra-Efficient LED range boasts some decorative lights in the highly aesthetic ST64 (Squirrel Cage) and a 95mm Globe light bulb. Whilst these bulbs are designed to look good switched on or off (as well as dimmable), they will drive energy saving as they are also rated A in energy efficiency.

We stock both Philips and Osram GU10 Ultra-Efficient LED Spots with all the benefits mentioned before. Although these are B-rated they are still by far the most energy-efficient GU10 light currently available on the market today.

Philips has recently introduced into the market Ultra-Efficient T8 LED tubes, which will be a big game changer in commercial applications that either have fluorescent lighting or standard LED tubes. These 4-foot and 5-foot tubes are A-rated and have a staggering 100,000-hour lamp life meaning businesses will not have to stack up on huge stocks to replace frequently failing fluorescent tubes. Longevity has to be considered as there isn’t an integrated LED fitting on the market provided from an industry renowned manufacturer that boasts that lamp life, a key aspect to consider on your next LED retrofit project.

Contact The LED Specialist for Ultra-Efficient LED Lighting

We are accredited Osram and Philips resellers and were amongst the first retailers to introduce these Ultra-Efficient LED bulbs. We now have a vast amount of knowledge to help you understand your Return on Investment when making the switch over to these lamps. Give us a call on 01189 507125 to see how we could significantly help cut down your next energy bill.