LED Candle Bulbs


Candle light bulbs are designed to resemble the flame from a candle and are regularly used to offer a more decorative look and warmer accent. Used in most chandeliers, desk lamps and wall lighting they give a real vintage look. 

We offer LED Candle Bulbs in four cap fittings Bayonet Cap LED Candle Bulbs, Edison Screw LED Candle Bulbs, Small Bayonet Cap LED Candle bulbs and Small Edison Screw Led Candle Bulbs, dimmable and non-dimmable candle bulbs. Our LED Candle Bulbs also come in three shapes standard candle, bent tip, and twisted to suit required look. 

Our range of Smart LED Candle Bulbs can be controlled by voice, remote or app connecting via Bluetooth or Wi-fi, allowing you to do more with your lighting and some also work with Alexa and or Google Home. We have a wide range that will enhance any room’s décor and ambience in Philips LED Candle, Osram LED Candle, Calex LED Candle, Segula LED Candle, Ledvance LED Candle, Integral LED Candle, Crompton LED Candle and Megaman LED Candle.

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