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LED Capsule Light Bulbs are compact, bi-pin lamps designed to be in small light fittings and in most kitchen units. They are available in 3 types G4, G9 and GY6.35, the number after the G is the gap between the two pins in millimetres.

LED G9 light bulbs will run off mains voltage (230v) but the other two LED G4 capsules and LED GY6.35 capsules are low voltage (12V).

These lamps are particularly suitable for task lighting and decorative applications in homes, shops, hotels, and restaurants and are compatible with existing fixtures with G4 or G9 holders facilitating an easy retrofit replacement of halogen capsules.

What are the Benefits of LED Capsule Light Bulbs?

  • LED Capsule light bulbs are highly energy efficient and will use up to 85% less energy than halogen or incandescent bulbs.
  • LED capsule light bulbs are longer lasting than incandescent capsules and on average will last 25 times longer, but the top ranges can have a 25,000-hour lamp life which is hugely significant when compared to only 1000 hours in traditional bulbs.
  • Dimmable LED Capsule light bulbs save even more as they use less electricity when dimmed down another big benefit is that you can adjust the light output to match the required lighting needs. Dim down to create a warm and cosy atmosphere and increase brightness when you need more light without changing the lamp.
  • These LED light bulbs have less of an environmental impact compared to incandescent lamps as they contain no mercury, and their lower energy consumption reduces carbon footprint.

What are the Best LED Capsule Light Bulbs?

  • The Philips 2W Corepro LED G9 Capsule is a popular product offering a 15.000-hour lamp life. It is a direct replacement for the 25w halogen capsule so using only 2 watts would be a more energy-efficient
  • The Philips 1.8W CorePro LED G4 Capsule is an energy-saving replacement for a 20w halogen capsule and with the environmentally friendly benefits associated with LED lighting.
  • The Segula 2.7W LED G9 Capsule in an extra warm white colour temperature of 2200K has a high viewing angle and is a dimmable alternative to a 20W halogen traditional capsule

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