LED Reflector Bulbs

LED Reflector light bulbs are easy-to-install retrofit replacements for traditional halogen and incandescent lamps. They come in either an Edison screw base (E27) or a Small Edison screw (E14). They are widely used in commercial and industrial applications but are also used in the home for accent lighting.

They operate off the mains voltage so no need for a transformer; you simply unscrew your halogen lamps and screw in your replacement LED reflectors. At The LED Specialist, we have a vast range of these LED spots available from leading brands like Philips Lighting, Bell Lighting and LEDvance ready for next-day delivery.

The number after the R denotes the bulb’s diameter; these normally have a 36-degree beam angle, but wider beams are available up to 90 degrees. This was traditionally known as a flood beam.

What are the Benefits of LED Reflectors?

LEDs deliver significant energy savings as they use up to 90% less energy when compared to conventional bulbs. For example, an 8W R80 LED Reflector is typically a replacement for a 100W halogen reflector instantly saving you over 90% in energy.

LED reflectors have a much longer lamp lifetime on average around 15,000 hours and the top range have a staggering 25,000 hours. When compared to halogens that are only 1000 hours you can save on maintenance costs as the LEDs will require less frequent replacements.

LEDs are an environmentally friendly lighting solution as they do not contain hazardous materials such as mercury which is found in traditional lighting.

They are compatible with most existing fixtures with an E27 (Edison Screw) or E14 (Small Edison Screw) base and are designed as retrofit replacements so no need to replace your existing fitting if you want to swap to energy-efficient LED lighting.

What are the Best LED Reflector Light Bulbs?

R39: The Osram 1.6W LED R39 Reflector is very popular in the retail industry; due to its compact size it will fit in most fixtures. It comes in a small Edison screw base and has an impressive 90-degree beam angle making it ideal for accent lighting where a wider light coverage is required.

R50: Regarding high performance and huge energy savings, the Philips 4.3W LED R50 Reflector Light Bulb replaces a 60W halogen. This light bulb will instantly give you more than 90% energy savings and with a lamp life of 15,000 hours, it will continue to save you money over a very long period.

R63: Another perfect replacement for accent lighting is the Philips 4.5W LED R63 Reflector Light Bulb, which is also dimmable and creates the desired ambience. It is a retrofit replacement for a 60W halogen reflector spot. Using 90% less energy this LED bulb produces an incandescent-like warm white colour.

R80: The Philips CorePro 8W LED R80 Reflector is an energy-efficient LED lighting solution for a 100W halogen reflector light bulb. This directional LED light bulb provides a focused beam of warm white light.

Applications for LED Reflector Lamps

  • Hospitality industry
  • Restaurants, bars, and cafes
  • Museums and Art Galleries
  • Retail Industry
  • Lobbies, corridors, stairwells, washrooms, reception areas, exhibitions, display cabinets

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