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LED Floodlights are a cost-effective alternative to high-powered incandescent outdoor lighting. Traditional outdoor luminaires use lamps such as Linear Halogens (R7 118mm), Sodium (SON) or High-Intensity Discharge (HID) lamps that require a vast amount of electricity to illuminate outdoor spaces.

LED technology in floodlights has continuously developed and you can now find a variety of LED floodlights in different shapes and sizes to suit many purposes across domestic and commercial applications. These fixtures produce a more appropriate brighter and whiter light, for a fraction of the energy output compared to the yellow light associated with incandescent lighting.

LED floodlights are more energy efficient than traditional lighting with up to 85% energy savings. They have a much longer lamp life than incandescent light bulbs and on average will last around 30,000 hours and even much higher in the top ranges.

 What Applications can LED Flood Lights be used for? 

One of the biggest uses for LED floodlights is illuminating public and private sports fields and arenas for sports clubs and municipal parks across the country. As LED flood lighting doesn’t cast the huge shadows associated with HID or SON lamps; sports can now be played in a much safer and more comfortable environment due to a better light output.

Businesses are installing these light pollution-compliant LED fittings outside of retail and commercial buildings to make their staff, customers and neighbouring public feel comfortable in their outdoor spaces. They can be found in car and visitor car parks as well as giving a welcoming feeling to building entrances on dark nights.

Due to their robust structure LED floods are being used as security lighting for both domestic and commercial purposes. An added security feature is that LED Floodlights can be fitted with a motion sensor (PIR) to alert homes and businesses of any unwanted presence on their premises.

City, town, and parish councils throughout the United Kingdom are using these energy-efficient, durable, and long-lasting LED outdoor luminaires for street lighting and public road lighting. The new LED floodlights currently available on the market today are retrofit replacements for HID and SON lamps without the need to replace the fitting. Councils can comply with light pollution regulations as the LED lights will only cast light where it is needed.

What is the difference between Asymmetric and Symmetric beams in LED Floodlights? 

A Symmetrical LED Floodlight has a lens that will distribute light evenly in all directions, creating a cone-like shape. These types of floods are the ideal outdoor luminaire for general area illumination for applications such as perimeter lighting, and security lighting.

Alternatively, an Asymmetrical LED Floodlight is fitted with a lens that will concentrate light in a particular direction. These floods are the ideal LED lighting solution for use in sports pitches, public car parks municipal or tennis courts.

What are the best LED Flood Lights?

The Philips Ledinaire Floodlight range is an affordable off-the-shelf outdoor luminaire, ranging from a mini 10W flood to a 200W flood it covers a vast number of applications. With a 50,000-hour lamp life and a 3-year warranty from leading manufacturer Philips, it makes it a great value and reliable LED outdoor lighting solution.

For the all-around security lighting solution then the Link 2 home Smart Outdoor Floodlight Camera is a very attractive option. It records stills and video straight to your device or to the cloud and boasts a high-power LED with ICR for clear night vision. Better yet it has 2-way audio between your device and camera so you can communicate with any visitors on your premises even if you’re not in.

The Lutec TEC10 PIR Integrated LED Flood Light is perfect for domestic applications where high-powered light output is not required. It will light up your pathways and entrances on the detection of movement and can add an extra layer of security to your home.

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