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If you’re looking for inspiration or ideas for outdoor lighting, The LED Specialist carries a vast amount of stock of LED outdoor lights and accessories as well as outdoor light fittings from the market’s biggest and most reputable brands. When buying through The LED Specialist, you can be assured to enjoy your outdoor living spaces and provide security for your home or business time and time again.

LED Outdoor Lighting

LED technology has advanced the number of options when It comes to outdoor lights for your house that are long-lasting, durable, and energy efficient. Outdoor string lights offer a stylish ambience to your outdoor living areas, we have multi-coloured outdoor festoon lights as well as outdoor fairy lights to suit your taste. On the other hand, LED flood lighting can play a vital part in the security of your home or business, these outdoor security lights are available with a PIR sensor or a motion sensor or simply off a switch.

PIR Outdoor Lighting

PIR outdoor lights work with an infrared sensor that detects heat energy from humans and animals, the lights will switch on upon detection of a heat source. Whereas motion sensor outdoor lights turn on when movement is detected, this can be easily adjusted to exclude things like blowing leaves for example so not as to come on unnecessarily. As they are not on all night, they help drive energy savings and are a proven deterrent for intruders and unwelcome guests.

Outdoor Lighting Types

Some of the most popular products in our garden light category include outdoor lantern lights and up & down lights from brands such as Lutec and Bell lighting. The lantern lights can illuminate a vintage vibe to your outdoor spaces whereas the outdoor wall lights can portray a modern, sleek look giving you more options when it comes to choosing outdoor lighting for your home.

Outdoor LED Strip Lighting

When looking for more modern aesthetics for your garden, outdoor LED strip lighting can be the way to go with more flexibility it can light up any area in your garden. Outdoor LED strip lights are becoming even more popular around hot tubs and swimming pools due to their durability and waterproofing.

Outdoor Pathway and Driveway Lighting

For driveways and paths, outdoor bollards and garden spike lights are great for navigating out spaces at night these can have either PIR or motion sensors so turn on when needed to access areas away from the house. Some of the bollard or garden spikes come in packs of 3 or 4, providing sleek uniformity for lighting up these areas and will help guide you to and from your front door.

The stylish and practical recessed Integral Pathlux inground walkover pathway uplighter range is a perfect example. They provide a striking wash of light for highlighting trees, walls, and other outdoor features. Perfect for gardens and driveways in homes or hospitality venues they are hardwearing and weatherproof the die-cast aluminium body and stainless steel make them suitable for coastal areas.

Battery-powered Outdoor Lighting

If you have no access to electricity in certain parts of your garden or just want to reduce your energy consumption, then battery-powered outdoor lights are a great addition to your outdoor spaces and can be installed just about anywhere. These battery-operated outdoor lights now usually come with a USB recharger so the need to replace alkaline batteries is now redundant driving even further savings.

Solar-powered Outdoor Lighting

Another way to reduce your energy bills and lower energy consumption is by using solar-powered outdoor lights. These also do not need wiring or installation by an electrician and can be used to light up features around the garden with relative ease. Outdoor LED lights use very little energy, which makes solar-powered lighting an even greater choice because after gloomy days these solar-powered led lights can still light up your evenings.

Outdoor Smart Lighting

Smart outdoor lighting is always evolving, and more and more products are being added to this range all the time, the biggest benefit of smart lighting technology is that it allows you to control your lighting wirelessly. Most smart lighting products work with Alexa, Google Home, and Apple HomeKit which means you can control your lights using an app or voice activation. Dimmable and multicoloured (RGBW) smart light bulbs are ideal for allowing you to set a variety of moods and tones which enhance entertaining activities.

The beauty of this technology is that you can control both your smart outdoor lights and indoor ones from the same device or app and can do it even while you are away from home. Some of our smart led floodlights come with a camera that allows you to see any suspicious movement at your home directly on your phone providing another layer of security.  Outdoor smart lighting is available in all the ranges mentioned earlier and is mainly available using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth technology, speak to one of our LED experts to discuss which is best for your home or business outdoor lighting.

Outdoor LED Lighting at The LED Specialist

Get in touch with one of our team at The LED Specialist to find out more about the best outdoor LED lighting.

If you are looking for Indoor Lighting options instead of ones for your garden and external areas, we have a collection of options available. We have options for home office lighting, bedroom lighting, indoor lighting LED panels, indoor downlights, and much more. You can browse the catalogue for yourself and find the option that suits your needs.