Cold Storage LED Lighting

LED Lighting for Cold Storage

There are many types of lighting. When it comes to lighting areas that require special specifications or products, it is important to choose the right option to avoid any future issues. One such area would be cold storage lighting applications. A freezer, cold store  whether a small unit in a convenience store or a much larger line of units grouped together as one long stretch of freezers, needs specialized lighting that can meet these unique needs. Here are a few helpful tips for choosing the right freezer lighting applications for your location.


  • Choose cost efficiency over time instead of initial cost as the deciding factor. For most supermarkets, especially large-scale operations, the freezer units are the biggest energy draws in the location. In fact, it is estimated that some grocery stores have an energy bill where over half of the annual cost of operations is directly related just to the freezer and refrigeration units alone. Look for the lighting solution that will give you the best lumen output per watt of energy consumed for the best value.
  • Move away from fluorescent. While fluorescent were once the standard for this area of lighting thanks to their improved efficiency per watt over older options, the new trend is to choose LED solutions for freezer lighting applications. The reason fluorescents are no longer a viable option for this type of lighting need is because they are not designed to handle extreme temperature conditions well. In fact, they can lose up to 25% of their lighting output in frigid temperatures. LED lights are much better at handling the cold without losing lumen output which makes them a better investment.
  • The wrong colour temperature can cause food discolouration especially in meat and other perishable goods. Using the Barracuda LED batten, you can choose between 3 colour temperatures 4000/5000/6500K. Meaning goods position in your store or warehouse are not determined by the light you initially decide on for that freezer.
  • Freezers can have condensation and vapours that will take a toll on lighting solutions. Another good idea is to choose lighting that is sealed or well-gasketed to avoid internal failures of the solution. The Barracuda is non-corrosive IP66 and IK08 rated so making it an even more attractive option for lighting in cold storage applications.
  • Don’t forget sensors can save you money. Sensors will turn the light off when the door is not open which will save you money on lighting costs. The Barracuda LED Xtreme Freezer Batten can be supplied with Microwave Sensors and other features like Emergency and Dimming when needed.
Barracuda Xtreme
Barracuda Xtreme Freezer Non-Corrosive LED Batten
Novah Sirius High Temperature LED High Bay
Serius LED High Bay

This area of lighting can be expensive for many businesses. With the right lighting solution in place from the beginning, you can avoid costly repairs and replacements while getting a great return on the initial investment of lighting products. Contact us for a free survey to discuss how you can maximise your Return on Investment by switching over.


The Barracuda Extreme Freezer LED non-corrosive batten comes in 3 lengths 2 foot, 4 foot and 5 foot. Every Barracuda features four selectable power and three colour option outputs at the point of installation via a switch on the driver. 


The product is lightweight and incredibly robust with stainless steel clips supplied. This product can be fitted in a wide range of industrial and commercial applications and it’s IP66 and IK08 ratings will ensure that it works in extreme environments with standing temperatures ranging from -35°C to 40°C.


For cold storage warehouses with higher ceilings the Novah Sirius Xtreme High Bay could be the better option giving a lumen output of up to 22500lm. These LED high bays can withstand temperatures ranging from -30°C to 65°C are energy efficient replacements for either 250W or 400W metal halide or SON lamps. With the Novah Sirius available in 100W or 150W giving you instant energy savings of up to 60%.

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