Living Room Lighting

When it comes to the living room or the lounge, lighting plays a big part whether you are relaxing, entertaining, or working. Choosing the right LED light bulbs or LED light fixtures will allow you to choose the required setting without necessarily having to change the bulb or fitting each time. At The LED Specialist, we have extensive knowledge of domestic lighting design and can help you bring your living room lighting ideas to life.

We have a vast range of living room ceiling lights which include LED downlights, LED spotlights and LED strip lighting which is becoming even more popular due to its versatility and flexibility. We also stock living room wall lights in beautiful designs to suit any taste from the leading manufacturers, so you can rest assured your fitting will work to expectation.

Smart LED lighting is another product we recommend for the living room as you can control your light either by voice using a smart speaker like Amazon’s Alexa, Hey Siri or Google Home. It allows you to control your light wirelessly no need to get up every time you want to change the ambience and if you don’t have a smart speaker, you can download and use an app on your phone or tablet in the same way.

What are the benefits of using LED Living Room Lighting?

LEDs are more energy efficient than traditional halogen and incandescent bulbs so you will get the same or even a better light output for a fraction of the energy consumption. Most LED bulbs can save you as much as 90% on energy use and when this is combined with dimming technology will drive these savings even further.

LED light bulbs and fixtures do not require a warm-up time and will turn on to full brightness as soon as they are switched on. Compact fluorescent or energy-saving halogen bulbs which have been popular in the living room can sometimes take as much as 10 minutes to reach full brightness, which is not ideal if you want to work in your living room.

Smart LED lighting allows you more flexibility to choose the required setting in your living. Most of the smart led fitting and bulbs we stock are colour-changing or tuneable white, which means you can switch from a bright daylight white to a cosy warm white at just the touch of a button or by speaking to your speaker. This is great as it means you don’t need different bulbs in your living room one bulb or fitting can be used for entertaining, relaxing, or working.

Living Room Lighting Ideas 

Living Room Ceiling Lights: These are normally the centrepiece lighting feature of any living room we have different shapes and sizes in a variety of finishes to suit any décor. We stock Philips MyLiving Star range a popular integrated LED fitting with either 2,3 or 4 spots in chrome or white. Pendant sets are also used as feature lighting and when combined with one of our decorative LED bulbs can produce the aesthetic statement desired.

Living Room Wall Lights: We have started to build on this range as we have seen the popularity of these decorative light fittings. These fixtures can enhance a room’s décor and be used as accent lighting to bring focus to either a wall painting or architectural feature.

Living Room Downlights: Most people will recess these light fittings flush into their ceiling and will work with either mains voltage LED GU10 or low voltage LED MR16 bulbs. The Integral Evofire range is the most popular fitting and comes in 6 premium finishes. It is fire-rated, and you can choose an insulation guard if you don’t have much room in your ceiling, they have a standard 70mm cut-out but also come in a multi-fit 70-100mm cut-out to fit older buildings.

Living Room Strip Lighting: The most modern way to illuminate your home, LED strip lights usually come in either 5 or 10-metre reels so one reel can light up a space adequately. It is versatile and flexible so can bend round corners to bring light into areas that wouldn’t always be illuminated. At The LED Specialist, we specialise in Bespoke Strip Lighting and supply any size and colour be it for your bookshelf, tv backlight or however you might want to create the perfect ambience in your living room.

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