Decorative Lighting

The LED Specialist's range of LED Filament Lamps includes a range of lamp shapes including; Squirrel, Globes, GLS, Golfballs, Candles and Tubulars. An LED filament bulb is a light bulb that uses LEDs in place of filament. Light is emitted from LED filaments uniformly and evenly in all directions, instead of focusing it in a specific area in the way that many LED light bulbs do. It features a close resemblance with the traditional incandescent bulb. LED filament lights are perfect for homes, hotels, restaurants, bars and places where classic style and appearance is critical. Our range includes Calex LED Filament Lamps, Philips LED Filament Lamps, Segula LED Filament Lamps, Integral LED Filament Lamps and Osram LED Filament Lamps

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