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Integral is a huge name in LED light production and has been for many years; they provide a great range of products that you can find available here at The LED Specialist. With lighting products for residential and commercial buildings available in a number of different shapes, sizes and styles, it is no wonder this company has such a reputation. As though to prove this point, Integral LED has won more than 10 Which? Best Buy awards.

History of Integral LED Lighting

Integral LED is a brand of Integral Memory PLC, a London-based company founded in 1989.  They began providing high-quality RAM (Random Access Memory) for data systems and PCs in the early stages of development. Integral Memory now provides millions of products in over 50 countries, one of these being the LED lighting fixtures we offer.

Best Integral LED Light Bulbs

Integral LED provides a huge selection of light fixtures, including various different LED light bulbs to look through. With a huge range available to browse on-site, here are some of our most popular products.

There is a great selection of LED strip lighting products we have available on-site from Integral LED. These are great for fixing lights to a wall or outside area, and one such popular product is the IP20 12V LED Side Emitting Strip. This flexible strip light measures 5M in length, making it great for highlighting edges, which is one of the main reasons for strip lighting. These LED bulbs provide reliable, long-lasting capabilities and the ability to dim the brightness if needed.

There is a great range of outdoor LED light fittings that are proving popular at the moment, with more people than ever making use of the outdoor space available to them. One such product is the LED Outdoor Curve Wall light that provides a stylish fixture with a PIR Sensor integrated allowing movement to switch the light on. These outdoor light fixtures are also available in PathLux, LuxStone and Pablo designs, so there is something available to suit any setting.

These are just some of the most popular LED lighting options from Integral that we offer on-site; check out the dedicated brand page to view all that is available.

UK Suppliers of Integral LED Bulbs

We have a huge range of the best LED light fixtures from Integral LED available to look through at The LED Specialist. All of the LED light fixtures on site include lots of product information, specification, and reviews by other customers that have ordered from the LED Specialist. All of the brilliant Integral LED lights and more are available to order on-site with the capability of shipping the next working day and getting to you in no time!