LED Strip Lighting

Any size any colour bespoke led strip light service

LED Strip lighting or LED Tape is fast becoming the most versatile modern solution to lighting up homes and businesses due to its flexibility and ease of use. It can illuminate areas in a room in a way no light bulb can, it can allow for more creativity when searching for the desired ambience in a room.

LED tape is extremely popular as under cabinet lighting but is now commonly found as shelf lighting and as inside cabinet lighting. Its use is not limited to kitchen lighting but can be under beds to create a cosy and warm feel in the places you most want to feel relaxed, so its versatility is endless.

What are the Benefits of LED Strip Lighting? 

  • LED strip tape lighting offers a huge flexibility advantage over any lighting product available, it can bend round corners, and go up walls it can be used just about anywhere it will stick to.
  • IP65 LED strip means it is waterproof so can be used outside, adding more vibrancy to your outdoor living areas.
  • LED lighting uses significantly less energy when compared to traditional lighting, so this will lower your electricity bills.
  • These LED light bulbs have an average lamp life of around 35,000 hours, meaning they will outlast incandescent and halogen lighting 35 times over.
  • As LED Strip lighting runs at extremely low temperatures and has no UV or infrared emissions it is the ideal lighting solution in the food industry. 

What are the Best LED Strip Lights? 

  • Smart LED Strip Lighting offers the same benefits listed above and allows for complete autonomous wireless control of your lighting. Smart lighting will integrate with most smart home systems and by connecting a smart device like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant you can control your lighting using an app or by voice. The ability to control your smart strip light even when not on the premises will also save you huge amounts of energy and add an extra layer of security for your home.
  • Colour-changing LED Strips are great as you don’t need to change the lamp or light bulb to change the mood in a room you just press the desired colour on the remote to match the desired ambience. These colour-changing lights also known as RGBW LED strips use 3 primary colours Red, Green & Blue to create a rather extensive colour palette but also have White LEDs when brightness is required.
  • Outdoor LED Strip Lights over the same versatility and energy savings as indoor strip lights but with the added benefit of being able to withstand most weather conditions. They have an IP65 rating meaning they are water resistant and protected against water jets from any angle. 

We offer Bespoke LED Strip lighting at The LED Specialist 

We have teamed up with Integral LED to offer the most versatile LED strip lighting requirements for your individual needs. Integral LED is a pioneer in this field of LED lighting and offers the complete package including the strip, driver, remote and any other connectors needed for a bespoke strip lighting solution.

We offer over-the-phone or in-shop lighting surveys to determine the best LED strip lights for you

  • What colour do you need, or rather the atmosphere you would want to create?
  • Do you require a profile with your LED strip, we can provide it in clear or frosted.
  • The total length you might want to illuminate we can cut any length from as little as 10cm
  • Does your LED strip need to go around corners? Will there be breaks in the strip? We can provide appropriate connectors
  • What driver do you need, our LED experts can advise on this, so your whole strip will work efficiently throughout its total length.
  • Would you like a dimmable strip?
  • Would you like wall-mounted controls or a remote?
  • We can provide you with any length of LED strip you require, but please note the longer the strip the more drivers you will need to effectively run the length of the strip.

Contact us for LED Strip Enquiries

For these questions and any other queries, you might have regarding installing LED strip lights please contact one of our LED professionals who would be happy to assist. We can tailor any installation to the user’s requirements so please do get in touch. All of our bespoke LED strip lights come with an extended 3-5 years manufacturer’s warranty (depending on the product) so you can feel assured when buying from The LED Specialist