Philips LED Dimming Information

TransforMax (patented)
First class halogen transformer compatibility thanks to intelligent electronics within low voltage LED Lamps

Philips designed a unique (patent protected) intelligent driver conceptfor low voltage (12V) LED lamps, which enables broad compatibility with existing electronic and electromagnetic Halogen transformers. Therefore, Philips low voltage (12V) LED lamps universally replace12V Halogen spot lamps with unique first class transformer compatible electronics.

This technology is called TransforMax which enables the lamp to work on most sockets – a simple ‘plug&play’ retrofit solution. 

Without dimmer

To estimate how many LED lamps can be connected to an existing halogen transformer, the rated power of the transformer needs to be dividedby the LED lamp replacement Wattage.

For example there is a 150W transformer available, and the MR16 7W (replacing a 35W halogenlamp) is going to be installed.The calculation in this case is as shown below.

Philips LED Dimming Without Dimmer

With dimmer

In case dimmablelow voltageLED lampshaveto be connectedto a dimmer,the following approach has to be followed:

1) Determine the max loadingof both your transformer(s) and your dimmer: either in Watts (W) or Volt-Amps (VA).

2) Use the ratios below to determine a ‘SystemMax’ and ‘BranchMax’

3) Limit total lamps you can install by ‘SystemMax’...

4) ...and ensure transformer load is sufficient to allow for each individual ‘Branch’ 

Philips LED Dimming With Dimmer

High Performance Dimming

Thanks to High Performance Dimming you will enjoy smooth, flicker free dimming. MasterLED lamps have been tested with all the major dimmer brands in the market.

- Broad dimmer compatibility supporting a wide range of normal phase-cut dimmers: wall box dimmers, panels, plug-in unit phase cut dimming.
- High dimming performance: smooth dimming, curve, deeper dimming level, one to multiple lamps. 

Note: To ensure high dimming performance with the MASTER LEDspot MV GU10 8W these lamps should not be connected with other lamp types on the same dimmer (‘mixed load’).