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The lighting products by Knightsbridge have helped this distributor become a household name in the lighting industry. Since it was founded in 1998, Knightsbridge has grown a reputation for providing high-quality lighting products and electrical wiring accessories for private and commercial use. Across the great selection of lighting solutions and accessories on-site, the Knightsbridge light switches and sockets are among the most popular. Here you can look through all of the great lighting accessories by Knightsbridge available at The LED Specialist. 

ML Accessories Knightsbridge Background

Currently based in Shropshire, ML Accessories Knightsbridge was formed by a group of entrepreneurs in Telford. The idea came from an opportunity to provide a range of high-quality, affordable lighting and electrical products like Screwless & Flat Plate Sockets to the UK market. After importing stock from abroad, in 1998, Knightsbridge launched its own brand of electrical and lighting products developed to the highest standard. Today, ML Accessories Knightsbridge is one of the UK's leading lighting and electrical accessories suppliers. selling products through a network of distributors and retailers in the UK and overseas.

Best ML Accessories Knightsbridge products

If you’re looking for reliable and stylish light switches, the ML Accessories Knightsbridge page offers a great range of products on-site. These products come in various styles and features, from the standard on/off switches with toggle and neon switches to a range of dimmers. If you’re looking for a standard on/off switch, the Matt White Intermediate Switch would be ideal, providing a clean and convenient answer to activating a room's main or side lights. Those looking to use dimmer lights could also find a plastic matt white product, though we love the 2-way Trailing Edge Dimmer in Polished Brass that adds real style to any room.

Along with the light switches by ML Accessories Knightsbridge, there is a great range of socket products to choose from here at the LED Specialist. With single and double sockets and USB charging points on offer in a great range of styles, there is something that suits the style and functionality of any room available here. Modern rooms may wish for USB charging capability like the 13A Switched Socket with Dual USB Fastcharge ports in a range of styles. Those looking to spend less money on sockets may prefer more standard fixtures like a Brushed Chrome Screwless 13A DP Switched Socket to fit the style of any room.

These are just some of the great products from ML Accessories Knightsbridge available here at the LED Specialist. The variety of sizes, styles and capabilities in these sockets and switches is just one of the reasons these accessories are proving so popular.

UK Suppliers of ML Accessories Knightsbridge Products

If you are looking to purchase any of the ML Accessories Knightsbridge products mentioned above, there is a great range available at The LED Specialist. All of these products are available to be delivered to your door with free delivery on orders over £100. If you are looking for further advice regarding ML Accessories Knightsbridge products, chat with an agent on-site today.